An elementary school principal in Washington, D.C., asked fathers to escort and welcome their children on the first day of school.

Principal at Garfield Elementary School Kenneth Branch and his staff will welcome nearly 320 students when classes begin, according to WUSA. The principal wants fathers to get involved right away in order to change the stereotype.

Branch tweeted, “We’re making Mon. Aug. 26th the official date for this year’s Dads Take Your Child To School Day. We’re asking our dads and father-figures to bring their child to school on the 1st day.”

While the national day for fathers to take their children to school is traditionally celebrated on Sept. 25, Branch moved the date up for his school because he believes a father’s engagement is beneficial for student achievement.

“It gets us to be able to show how involved they (fathers) are in the community, how involved they are in their child’s education,” Branch said. “Our kids will see that their dads really value education and learn to take this seriously as a business.”


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