Despite pressure from the open borders lobbyists, Democrats, and mainstream media, President Trump is seeking to end welfare-dependent immigration.

The act stirred up opposition to the open borders group CASA de Maryland and two illegal aliens shielded from deportation by President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and they are suing the Trump administration over its soon-to-be enforced “public charge” rule. 

DACA illegal aliens, represented by Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP), called the rule racist against nonwhite immigrants and welfare-dependent immigration “discriminatory.”

“This is by design. President Trump and his advisers have expressed animus toward nonwhite immigrants, and studies already have shown that the new rule will disproportionately affect immigrants of color,” Amy Marshak, senior counsel at ICAP, said in a statement.

They filed a lawsuit seeking to ensure that DACA illegal aliens, including the two, who have lobbied for DACA amnesty for years, would be able to obtain green cards if such an amnesty is granted despite them having used welfare that U.S. taxpayers have been forced to pay for.

“The new rule would expand the concept of a ‘public charge’ beyond recognition, making someone who receives little more than $1,500 in food stamps or a few benefits at the same time for less than a year into a ‘public charge,’” ICAP counsel Jonathan Backer said. “That is not what anyone has ever understood the term to mean.”

The regulation prevents legal immigrants from permanently staying in the United States by obtaining green cards so long as they are found to have used or likely to use welfare programs like food stamps and subsidized health care, according to BREITBART.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that granting amnesty to roughly 3.5 million enrolled and eligible DACA illegal aliens would cost American citizens at least $26 billion as about one in five DACA illegal aliens would end up on food stamps, and at least one in seven would go on Medicaid.

The “public charge” rule is believed to save American taxpayers billions by effectively ending welfare-dependent legal immigration to the United States.