Thanks to a ‘special budgetary rule’, Senate Democrats will pass a $2.25 trillion ‘reconciliation package’ to the already approved 2021 budget without the need for any Republican votes, that is, with a simple majority.

Although the special rule only applies to budgets, Democrats can approve millions in spending that the other half of the Senate, the Republicans, do not approve. This sets dangerous and authoritarian precedents for a supposed ‘democracy’.

According to The Hill, Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate Democrats, asked Senate Parliamentarian, Ms. Elizabeth MacDonough to use Section 304 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, which allows them to revise the FY 2021 budget resolution to create additional reconciliation instructions, i.e., add spending to a budget already passed in standard procedure.

Ms. MacDonough gave the go-ahead Monday for Democrats to proceed.

The problem with Biden’s budgets

According to a Breitbart report, Biden’s $2.25 trillion ‘infrastructure’ budget that Democrats will seek to pass without Republican votes only includes $650 billion in actual infrastructure dollars or only 28% of the budget answers to its name.

Most of the money will be used for ‘green energy’ credits, welfare programs, expanding coverage of health insurance, free community college, free universal kindergarten, etc.

These items imply that people become more dependent on the state and the corporate tax hike is to continue to cover all these ‘free’ things.

The leftist narrative

The mainstream media, as well as the Democrats, talk about ‘Republican obstruction’ when they refer to neither voting for Biden’s budgets and here, of course, there is the ideological issue: The Democrats seek to raise taxes and make people more and more dependent on state ‘help’ while the Republicans seek to cut taxes and generate private-sector jobs.

Former President Trump also had to go through the same procedure. However, during his administration, the Senate had a minimal Republican majority, but that is how democracy is supposed to work.

Trump used in 2017 the same rule to pass the historic tax cut for the American middle class that, as a consequence, improved the quality-of-life millions of people.

The nonpartisan role of the Senate parliamentarian

While the special rule only allows bypassing the Republican vote to pass budget-related items, the power to decide whether some of the proposals within the budget that Democrats want to pass do not pertain to actual spending remains with the Senate parliamentarian.

When Democrats first used the special rule this year to pass Biden’s $1.9 trillion emergency package, Ms. MacDonough removed from the proposal the $15 minimum wage hike that Biden had surreptitiously included as not being part of spending.

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