A false petition is circulating to expose why people want to abolish the day honoring military personnel who died in the line of duty.

Campus Reform has identified why some younger Americans do not enjoy commemorating Memorial Day.

The higher-education watchdog, which advocates for conservative values, sent supporters who claimed to be collecting signatures for a petition in Washington’s Georgetown neighborhood.

“Memorial Day is a glorification and celebration of American imperialism in countries around the world,” the petition wording said in a video shared on YouTube. “This nation was built on imperialism and barbarism and … we cannot continue to celebrate America’s militarization [and,] by signing my name, I support the calls to unrecognize Memorial Day as a national holiday.”

Campus Reform interviewed everyone who came to sign, and asked why they support phasing-out the national holiday.

One young man criticized Memorial Day for encouraging the nation to seize new territories and political power.

“I do not think Memorial Day should be a thing that we celebrate personally [because] I feel like it is a celebration of U.S. imperialism and colonialism,” he can be heard saying on the video. “It is not like an attack on any individual but more of a system.”

The young man revealed his perception of the nation changed after studying the history of women’s liberation movements at a tertiary level.

“I did not really think in this way, until I went to college and I took women’s and gender studies classes,” he said. “That put me on this path where I am like, yeah, [expletive] the United States.”

He further explained his hatred for war veterans and America was borne out of his path to spiritual enlightenment, even though the petition had nothing to do with the human soul.

“For me, I was on this spirituality-type journey where we are all one or whatever and, what I was learning in social justice, was the material analysis I needed to practice what I feel like exists on a spiritual plane in real, everyday life,” he said.

A woman, who also signed the petition, believes the United States should “absolutely not” celebrate war heroes, because they represent the dark side of history.

“I think it represents a lot of negative aspects of America and highlights something that people should not necessarily be proud of,” she said in the video.

The remarks came despite Campus Reform repeatedly asking if interviewees knew the meaning of Memorial Day. Many of them were unable to give a clear answer.

The same woman later suggested changing the holiday altogether and honoring the sacrifice of those who were deliberately killed to help destroy a particular group or nation.

“If we are going to honor and celebrate the dead, I think it should be those that lost their lives to genocide,” she said.

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