A Virginia mother who survived Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution before immigrating to the United States delivered a stirring speech in front of a Virginia school board at a public meeting on Tuesday, May 8, criticizing the stubborn support for the controversial critical race theory.

Xi Van Fleet, a Virginia resident for several years, said the Cultural Revolution in China began when she was six years old. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) succeeded in pitting students against each other and their teachers, just as the critical race theory championed by leftists in the United States today is doing.

Van Fleet’s speech was posted on Twitter by TVP, a program that exposes anti-American activities such as critical race theory and other types of subversion used against America.

“Watch a brave parent who grew up in Mao’s China point out all of the identical traits b/n the Cultural Revolution and what LCPS, and really every school system, are doing through the use of CRT.”

Xi expressed alarm about what is happening to our children’s education in America, accusing the Loudoun County School Board of allowing children and teens to be trained to become “social justice warriors” and to hate America and its history.

In this regard, Van Fleet compared the controversial Critical Race Theory to the Cultural Revolution of Maoist China. A purge carried out by the communist leader left up to 20 million people dead between 1966 and 1976 in China.

Van Fleet shared the details of her story in an interview with Fox News Wednesday night. During the Cultural Revolution, communist squads raided homes and destroyed any relics of China’s traditional past culture, history, governments, or religion, she recounted.

“Anything that was considered ‘old,’ feudal, a vase, Buddhas, everything was taken out and smashed.”

At 26, Van Fleet finally managed to escape the CCP, traveling to the United States, where she immediately found freedoms she had never been able to enjoy before.

But sadly, in today’s political climate, she sees those freedoms eroded by leftist sectors that channel their ideals into action, creating division and destruction without discrimination.

“I can’t really just say what I mean, even though the other side can say whatever,” she said. “To me, and to a lot of Chinese, it is heartbreaking that we escaped communism and now we experience communism here.”

Van Fleet said that Critical Race Theory “is in fact the American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution,” also claiming that its origins are rooted in cultural Marxism. 

Van Fleet closed her remarks by inviting Americans to think again about the situation we are in and appreciate the privilege of being in a country with its foundations based on the values of freedom.

“I do not think a lot of people understand. They are thinking they are doing the right thing, ‘be against racism’ sounds really good. But they are basically breaking the system that is against racism.”

By her account, and that of thousands of parents rallying across the country lamenting the current situation, the education system is leading our children and youth to break with American traditions of freedom and progress. 

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