The renowned scientist inventor of the mRNA technology applied to the vaccine against COVID-19, or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus, Dr. Robert Malone, emphasized the danger of vaccination increasing the volatility of the infection.

“The vaccine causes the virus to become more infectious than would happen in the absence of vaccination. This is the bacteriologist’s work nightmare,” Dr. Malone said to Steve Bannon on July 28 based on his experience. 

He said an antibody reaction that occurred in the 1960s with the respiratory syncytial virus: “… causes more child deaths in vaccine recipients than unvaccinated.” He foresees the same tragedy unfolding now. 

He added, “And it’s happened with virtually every other coronavirus vaccine development program,” mainly as the effect of the vaccine weakens. In the case of Pfizer, that’s about six months after getting the shots.

In this context, Dr. Malone reiterates, “What seems to be rolling out is the worst case scenario with the vaccine,” but does not want to sound like an alarmist. 

Dr. Malone considers himself a scientist who believes in vaccines and sound science, which is why he has worked developing them all his life.  

He says the best thing to do at this time is to stop the vaccination campaign. 

The dangers Dr. Malone warns about were corroborated by the multinational pharmaceutical company Pfizer, one of the largest vaccine producers, according to the document provided by Twitter user Nath Ming.

“Pfizer mentions this risk (so they won’t be liable for it) in the documents  submitted to the EMA, based on previous sarscov1/mers vax trials,” Ming tweeted.

He added: “Of course they didn’t observe it in the very short study that led to current emergency approval as it happens when reexposed to viruses.”

Ming mentioned in his message the controversial process by which the pharmaceutical industry achieved emergency approval for its vaccines, which makes all vaccinated persons part of an experiment to perfect the vaccine. 

At this experimental stage, the long-term effects of the drug under study are unknown. However, adverse effects have already occurred in millions of people worldwide, including tens of thousands of deaths. 

On the other hand, it seems that the survival rate of people infected by the CCP virus remains below 99.5 percent, where it has always been, which is why some judge the governments’ deployment of the so-called pandemic restrictions to be excessive. 

Florida-based anonymous author Catturd presents a picture of normalcy in his state.

“People are living their lives normally here in Florida where I live—the motels are booked, the beaches are packed.” 

“Everyone is enjoying the hell out of the summer and people are pouring in from all across the country. I laugh when I see the fake news reports.”

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