The Santa Barbara coroner has concluded that nationally renowned anti-vax activist Brandy Vaughan died of natural causes on Dec. 7 at her Santa Barbara home, after coroner detectives had investigated her death.

Emergency medical responders tried to revive Vaughan after her 9-year-old son discovered her body but were unsuccessful.

Vaughan, 45, had formerly worked as a pharmaceutical representative for Merck and had created the nonprofit organization Learn The Risk to help educate people about the “dangers of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines and unnecessary medical treatments,” according to the website.

She had recently moved back to Santa Barbara at the time of her death, had spoken of her experiences working at Merck, where Vioxx had been pushed as a painkiller only to be removed after safety issues. The drug was found to double the risk of stroke and heart attack in those who take it.

The experience opened her eyes to corporate and government studies that deemed pharmaceutical products safe, as she began to question why the United States spends more on health than any other country but has more sick people.

Learn The Risk underwrote a campaign throughout the states through billboards that put out the message that children die from vaccines.
Medical health professionals became concerned at the message, as she had no substantial proof to back up her claims.

To that end, she started an anti-vaccine group in 2015 called Learn the Risk, which underwrote a billboard campaign throughout parts of the United States claiming that vaccines kill children. The campaign produced 42 billboards with an estimated reach of over 30 million people.

Vaughan vigorously opposed a state bill passed in 2017 that required proof of vaccination for students to attend public or private schools.

Vaughan was viewed as a charismatic Joan of Arc heroine with anti-vaxxers, and there has been much talk about her premature death.

Vaughan claimed that pharmaceutical companies deliberately work to make people sick for their own profit. She had tens of thousands of followers throughout the world, some of whom questioned the nature of her death and suggested foul play.

“Rest in peace to my friend and fellow colleague and Activist and hero, Brandy Vaughan, founder of Learn The Risk org. Brandi was just found dead by her only son, who is a minor, at such a young age. She posted publicly many times that if she were found dead it was foul play,” wrote Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News on Twitter.


Brandy Vaughan, anti-vaxxer died of natural causes Dec. 7, 2020 (screenshot Facebook BrandyVaughan)

Vaughan had posted on Facebook on Dec. 2, 2019, a chilling message; here is an excerpt.

Brandy Vaughan
2 December 2019 
The post I wish didn’t have to write…
But given certain sudden tragedies over the last couple of years, I feel it’s absolutely necessary to post these ten facts…and please screenshot this for the record.
  • If something were to happen to me, it’s foul play, and you know exactly who and why—given my work and mission in this life. I’m also NOT accident-prone. And I got the highest health rating possible when I went through a battery of medical tests a couple of years ago for my life insurance policy.
  • If something were to happen to me, I have arranged for a close group of my friends to start a GoFundMe to hire a team of private investigators to figure out all the details (I have the team and have passed the info on to them). Oh, and money for PR firm to make.
  • There have been many on this mission or a similar one that have been killed, and it’s time this bullshit stopped. The darkness cannot win.

It is believed that Vaughan died from natural causes, a blood clot in the artery.

After receiving numerous death threats, Vaughan had recorded  a 12-minute video detailing the home invasions and intimidation she was enduring, so that everyone could be aware of the pressure and danger she was in.