The irony of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus or COVID-19 cases reportedly rising in states that continue to impose strict control whereas the southern regions with more relaxed prevention attitudes see cases drop.

Since March 1, states that still require masks, such as Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington, have seen an uptick in new cases, some of which are relatively high, reported Reason. In contrast, among the 18 states that have removed public mask mandates, the infection rates are either reduced or remaining steady. 

On March 30, Biden called on states to resume COVID-19 restrictions with claims that the lifting is “precisely what got us in this mess in the first place.” Yet, the apparent reality has undermined the government’s call for vigilance by states to prevent a potential outburst of the deadly disease due to rushing back to normal.

Texas has become a national icon for its ability to control the pandemic while pioneering stand-out approaches that flew in the face of the rest of the country’s CCP Virus restraint policies.

At the beginning of March, Texas Governor Greg Abbott relaxed most of the state’s remaining CCP Virus limitations. Newly reported diseases and regular deaths have continued to decrease a month after Abbot made those decisions. 

Nebraska is another contradiction of the remain vigilant norm. According to Reason, the state did not apply strict CCP Virus policies, yet since January, the figure for infected patients in the region has been dropping and remained flat. Its newest seven-day period record was even lower than for March.

Likewise, Todayshow (NBC) reported the paradox of lower CCP Virus cases in areas with relaxed policies on Thursday. NBC’s Sam Brock had three theories to explain the unexpected patterns between the states. 

First is the lack of CCP Virus testing, which results in a fewer number of patients detected. “When you don’t test, you’re blind. And when you’re not testing, you have a false sense of what the real problem is in your community,” the outlet said, quoting Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Aileen Marty.

However, this theory is contradicted by last year’s statistics. ProPublica provided compiled data from testing between Memorial Day and mid-June last summer and argued that the relation between testing and a higher number of positive outcomes does not exist.

“States like New York administered 50 percent more tests by the end of that period but had 60 percent fewer positive results. Arizona tested 175 percent more but ended up with 698 percent more positive test results,” Post Millenial reported. 

The second theory postulates states that adhere closely to the restrictions prompt citizens to re-enter public events where they are less likely to be cautious about health safety protocols. 

The third theory points to young people acting as “carriers” of the virus when they gather in public places such as Miami Beach. Dr. Marty told NBC that these individuals are less likely to test for CCP Virus infection. They may be spared the disease themselves but can transmit the diseases to older recipients. 

It remains to be seen whether CCP Virus restrictions are the only key to pandemic survival. However, “when assumption does not match what is happening, maybe we should reconsider,” Reason proposed. 

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