Fuquan Johnson, a writer for “Comedy Parlour Live,” died after overdosing at a Venice home on Friday night, Sept. 3. Two more victims: Enrico Colangeli (Rico Angeli) and Natalie Williamson, who were 48 and 33 years old, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police were called to the house just after midnight, and when they arrived, they discovered Fuquan’s body and the bodies of Enrico and Natalie. Comedian Kate Quigley, who lives next door and recently dated the Hootie & the Blowfish singer, was also hospitalized in critical condition, TMZ reported.

Brian Redban’s posted an update on Kate’s health, stating that she is alive but not so well.

According to law enforcement sources, a get-together was held Friday night at a home in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The medical examiner will determine what killed Johnson, 42, and the other two victims, but sources told the outlet that all four were consuming coke laced with the super-powerful opioid.

Fuquan passed away at the height of his career.

Fuquan worked as a writer for Comedy Parlour Live: Quarantine Edition in 2020 and as a production assistant on That’s A Friend, a 2013 mini-series. He also worked as an associate producer for MTV’s 2018 series High Crimes. Shaun and Marlon Wayans had also collaborated with the Los Angeles-based entertainer.

Prince, Mac Miller, and Tom Petty all also died due to fentanyl, a synthetic painkiller that is up to 100 times more powerful than heroin.

The news of his passing attracted reactions from fans and industry folks.

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