The U.S. Coast Guardsman who became famous for performing a feat worthy of an action movie on a submarine carrying narcotics will be decorated for his heroic efforts.

According to the Daily Caller, on Wednesday, July 24, the Pentagon said at a press conference that it will definitely recognize the coast guardsman who participated in the operation that ended with the capture of five crew members and the seizure of 17,000 pounds of cocaine.

Coast Guard chief noncommissioned officer Jason Vanderhaven called the efforts of the maritime authority and the Coast Guard a “tremendous feat of courage.”

Dramatic Video of US Coast Guard ceasing Submarine carrying drugs $650 Million USD

BadAss Entry: Dramatic Video of US Coast Guard ceasing Submarine carrying drugs $650 Million USD

Posted by Defense Videos on Friday, July 12, 2019

So far, the identity of the officer who will be recognized is unknown and the date on which the decoration will be held is also unknown, according to the website

The video published on June 28 by the Department of Defense shows a Coast Guard rigid-hull inflatable boat that managed to position itself right next to the moving narcosubmarine. The Coast Guard boarded it and eventually arrested the drug dealers.

The value of the narcotics seized would be estimated at $232 million. Between May and July, there have been 14 operations (Excluding the June18 bust) in which 40 pounds of cocaine and 9 pounds of marijuana have been confiscated, all worth $569 million.

President Trump posted the video on his Twitter account, congratulating the Coast Guard action.

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