CNN is receiving a barrage of criticism after publishing an article devoted almost exclusively to praising the Chinese regime’s vaccination policies, all the while ignoring the fact that China is being accused of being largely responsible for the pandemic that caused millions of deaths and a worldwide economic disaster.

Critics have used CNN’s acronym to dub it under the name “China News Network”, in a message alluding to its role as a propaganda replicator of the Chinese communist regime.

An article published on Friday by the left-wing multimedia drew attention with the headline: “China’s about to administer its billionth coronavirus shot. Yes, you read that right.”

The controversial CNN report begins, “Within days, China will reach a staggering 1 billion doses in its Covid-19 vaccination drive—a scale and speed unrivaled by any other country in the world.” 

It even compares the Chinese regime’s vaccination plan seeking to belittle that carried out by the United States by saying that the amount of vaccines administered in China is three times the amount administered in the United States and nearly 40% of the total administered worldwide.

CNN cites “data from China’s National Health Commission,” claiming that more than “500 million injections” were administered in May alone. Interestingly this is the same agency that should have acted when the pandemic began to spread to warn the world of what was happening. 

The news agency also celebrated China’s ability to contain the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus despite being the country where the pandemic originated, writing, “Due to China’s successful containment of the coronavirus, many residents initially saw little urgency in getting vaccinated.”

It is worth noting that as of June 13, 2021, the Chinese communist regime reported that the virus that left millions dead worldwide in China only infected about 103,381 people and killed only 4,846, despite being the world’s most populous country with more than 1.4 billion people and having been where the virus began.

These data raise some inevitable questions. However, if the data are true, the Chinese regime would have the solution to combat the virus. It should share its policies with the world as a simple demonstration of values and appreciation for human life.

On the other hand, it is inevitable to think that if the data are true and the virus was so easily controlled without using vaccines, what is the purpose of vaccinating their entire population now? And finally, and most likely, if the data is not true, why should we trust both the number of vaccines given in China and the safety and efficacy of the vaccines they are marketing worldwide?

CNN seems not to ask these simple questions and instead continues to praise the regime’s behavior and its “effective policies” to combat the virus. 

But of course, what can you expect from a media that understands it as a positive thing for a country to have an omnipresent, single-party, top-down power structure:

“For those still reluctant, China has a powerful tool in its arsenal: a top-down, one-party system that is all-encompassing in reach and forceful in action, and a sprawling bureaucracy that can be swiftly mobilized,” the CNN story reads.

The report was written by two CNN journalists based in Hong Kong and published on Friday, June 18. Within hours hundreds of critics on the networks began to publish their disapproval of the published note.

Following the largely negative reaction to the story, CNN updated the article with a new headline: “Chinese state media claims country’s navy is not affected by coronavirus.”

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