According to an internal message sent to CNN staff, the network will close its offices to most of its employees due to COVID-19 cases increase.

The network, part of the WarnerMedia division of AT&T Inc (T.N), said on Saturday, Dec. 18, that the request is in place for all non-essential personnel.

“We are doing this out of an abundance of caution,” CNN President Jeff Zucker said, as Reuters reported. “And it will also protect those who will be in the office by minimizing the number of people who are there.”

The network will make some adjustments to its studios and control rooms to lower the number of personnel in offices.

CNN has tentatively scheduled a return to office in January 2022. However, it is unknown whether that date will change.

“Like other major media companies, CNN is making changes due to the new Covid surge,” CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter said according to the New York Post. “Networks always have to ensure that control rooms and shows can remain on the air.”

According to CNN, employees who come to work will be required to wear masks at all times.

To visit the office or work in the field with other employees, CNN requires all employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. However, the return to work was voluntary.

Three employees were sacked in August when they arrived at work without being vaccinated.

Zucker stated that the corporation had a “zero-tolerance policy” for employees who were not vaccinated at the time.

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