Extremist member of the violent Marxist group antifa, John Sullivan, entered the Capitol on Jan. 6, and acted out filming the riots including the death of pro-Trump protester Ashli Babbitt. He was paid $70,000 by CNN and NBC for the videos. 

CNN’s Kyle Cheney confirmed this in a report, “John Sullivan, indicted for his role in the Jan. 6 riots, was paid $35,000 each by CNN and NBC for his footage inside the Capitol,” presenting the evidence according to Trending Politics on Feb. 16. 

Sullivan uploaded the videos to his Insurgence USA website and social media, and prosecutors asked a judge to block Sullivan’s participation on those platforms, to which he did not agree.

Several indications suggest that the riots were planned, and furthermore, a sequence of tweets suggest that the acting secretary of the Department of Defense (DOD), Christopher Miller, was involved. 

Author Max Blumenthal noted in a tweet that Sullivan bragged about his performance in one of the videos. 

“Note how John Sullivan boasts here about the open promotion and coordination of plans to storm the US Capitol days in advance. Somehow he knew but the FBI was caught by surprise?” questions Blumenthal, and invites you to follow the entire thread of his tweets.  

“Seated w/Sullivan on CNN is Jade Sacker, a photojournalist who followed him into the Capitol to film his exploits as part of a documentary project. Here she’s heard congratulating him – “We did it!” – and he [Sullivan] says, “Is this not gonna be the best film you’ve ever made in yr life?” 

Likewise, the first to respond to Blumenthal’s message is Peggie Hayes, who relates her suspicions and what she saw, also connecting with another Internet user who tells more of the story. 

“I was part of Insurgence’s ‘inner circle’ but left due to real concerns about his actions, motives, and questions about John’s questionable connections with law enforcement,” Hayes wrote.

Hayes herself retweeted a tweet from the activist identified with the user @TheRynheart, in which Hayes attached a compromising letter from Miller disabling security protocols on Capitol Hill on Jan. 4. 

“I am reading the letter by Acting Sec Defense Miller Jan 4 that essentially broke the normal response chain to deploy the Nat. Guard on Jan 6. It is also astonishingly specific, including not using Intel assets,” @TheRynheart wrote.

In the same thread @TheRynheart evidence that then U.S. President Donald Trump requested 10,000 National Guardsmen in anticipation of the events, in the end Miller only submitted just 1,100.

“Miller reports Trump telling him that he would need 10,000 Nat Guard troops on Jan 6th. (So Trump knew the riot would be deadly). And Miller responds: ‘Maybe. But you know, someone’s going to have to ask for it’. Which sounds like a direct reference to Miller’s Jan 4 memorandum,” added @TheRynheart.

Moreover, @TheRynheart suggested based on Miller’s actions and the chronology of events, that Miller may be involved with an eventual plan to resolve the unfortunate outcomes, in which he would have been complicit. 

“34 minutes of discussion? (DoD Memo) 2:30 p.m.: Miller, Army Secretary McCarthy & the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff meet to discuss Mayor Bowser’s request,” @TheRynheart tweeted.

She added, “(DoD Memo) 3:04 p.m: Miller gives “verbal approval” to full mobilization of the DC National Guard (1,100 members)”


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