While some people seek solutions that demand changes in the government structure and legislature to solve society’s problems nowadays, others look back to human morality, self-discipline, and spiritual belief as guidance through this chaotic world.

Jack Brewer, former NFL player and founder of The Jack Brewer Foundation, claimed that the problems stem from how children were raised and educated.

Brewer told the Daily Wire that, in 2016, after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick started protesting the national anthem, he was motivated to help create a better relationship between the police and the community.

After years of being a spokesman for the police athletic league, teaching in universities and even in prison, he noticed that the thing that kept people divided was access to education.

Brewer said he was adamant about continuing to improve access to education for those who did not have it, especially inner-city children who struggled with reading and math.

Brewer’s work would hit a significant landmark in May when he opened the “Serving Institute,” which would provide children with a faith-based education, which was still lacking in most public schools.

According to the Daily Wire, Brewer is clearly passionate about his religion, and he is confident that faith would play a big role in his program.

Brewer said God and discipline must return to classrooms to change the anti-police sentiment and racial divide spreading across the country.

“We gotta get God back in our schools. I’m a believer in that,” he said in the interview with the Daily Wire.

“And most importantly, we gotta get discipline back in our schools because when you’re raised in discipline, then you demand discipline from other people as well. And right now, we’ve gotten so free. When they pulled the paddles out of the schools in the mid-80s, that’s where this all started. I say it all the time: Some kids need the paddle. They need that — that fear of authority being able to tell them what’s right or wrong. That’s why you see people disrespecting cops like they do now.”

He emphasized the importance of discipline in schools, saying that when someone was raised in discipline, “then you demand discipline from other people as well.”

“If you do anything that’s disrespectful, speak disrespectfully, if you don’t show the highest level of discipline, I will physically exert you as your punishment so that you understand that you have to be held accountable. We need the fear of God back in our schools, and we need our parents to start being parents again and not friends,” he said of his new program.

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