A congressman turned television host sharply criticized Democrat mayors from New York and San Francisco for offering to pay offenders if the crime rate drops on Sept. 12.

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) believes it is a bad policy to cut funding for law enforcement.

“Think about where we are as a country right now: some progressives are advocating for cutting funding for the cops but paying criminals, so they will stop at least until the check clears being criminals,” he said on Fox News’s “Sunday Night in America.”

Gowdy compared rewarding criminals for following the law to handing out “blood money” under duress.

“I just never thought government or any other noncriminal enterprise would actually encourage this kind of shakedown or extortion,” he said according to the broadcaster.

He believes various ethical issues are involved with so-called “protection money” policies.

“Money has become the new morality,” he said. “What about not shooting people because it is wrong? I mean that used to be what we taught.”

“You do not commit crimes because to do so is the break the social contract,” he added. “Is it still okay to teach people killing and robbing and assaulting people is wrong, or do we have to pay protection money?”

The legal professional proposes lowering the crime rate through better education about social responsibility.

“The number-one crime prevention strategy we have is called school, it is called an education,” he said. “You want to reduce crime? Make kids get an education.”

The remarks came after San Franciscan authorities proposed paying “violent-prone” individuals up to $500 a month for not pulling the “trigger” and lowering gun crimes “plaguing the city.”

“We cannot just put them in a program without making sure that they have money, without making sure that they have something to take care of themselves,” Mayor London Breed (D) said according to The Sun.

Funds to subsidize offenders will come from the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) budget. The Dream Keeper Initiative will “redirect funding” from SFPD to the African American community.

The pilot program could include 75 people a year, with a $120 million investment in the city’s black community.

Many social network users shared Gowdy’s sentiment about not paying “protection money.”

“Can someone pay neighbouring countries not to attack, it becomes legalised ransom, permitted by law?” Vijay Banga said on Twitter. “If such people are born, countries are gone–IQ [is] minus 100.”

“These days they help out the common thug [more] than the hardworking, common citizens,” fellow Twitter user Volstime Quest commented.

“Unbelievable, [it is] hard to imagine that some of our politicians have stooped that low to stop paying police and start paying the criminals–when did this become okay?” Country Girl said on Twitter.

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