To address the threats posed by China, the CIA announced the launch of a new mission center, as it said the Chinese regime represents “the most significant geopolitical threat” to the United States.

As reported by Fox News, William Burns, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, announced the adjustments to the organizational structure to better position it to “address current and future national security challenges.”

The China Mission Center (CMC), as the CIA dubbed it, will bring “an Agency-wide response” and “unify the exceptional work” it is already doing against “the main rival.”

However, Burns said the agency will still focus on other threats, among which he mentioned terrorism and those coming from Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

In the same statement, he also announced that it would step up efforts to recruit Chinese speakers and create another mission center to focus on emerging technologies and global issues such as climate change and global health.

The news of the mission center comes as U.S. officials are tentatively planning for Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet virtually before the end of the year.

As announced by the White House on Oct. 5, the Biden administration dispatched White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan to meet this week with China’s top diplomat, Yang Jiechi. 

The surprise meeting took place on Wednesday in Zurich, amid high tension between the two governments following a series of disagreements that include, among others, the Taiwan issue and foreign trade.

According to The Hill, during the meeting, Sullivan expressed concern about China’s human rights record and its aggressive military activity near Taiwan, according to information provided by the White House about his meeting with Yang. The two also discussed areas of mutual concern.

Relations between the two countries have been strained by the Chinese regime’s ongoing threat to Taiwan through the continued dispatch of aircraft invading the island’s defense territory.

The United States has long supported Taiwan’s democratic system, playing an essential role as an ally in defending its freedom against the continuing threat from Beijing, which considers it part of its territory.

In September, according to official statements, Biden and Xi held a telephone communication of approximately 90 minutes.

In it, they had “a broad and strategic discussion,” which included “areas where our interests converge and areas where our interests, values and perspectives diverge,” the White House statement said.

The CIA will appoint a chief technology officer for the first time as part of a broader effort to implement advanced computing methods.

The reorganization of the agency indicates how the Biden administration is refocusing to confront the concrete threat posed by Communist China.

Mark Warner, a Democratic senator from Virginia and chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a statement that he looked forward to working with the CIA “to ensure that organizational changes meet the challenges we are facing.”

“The strategic threat environment has been changing, and the intelligence community needs to adapt to meet that new environment,” Warner added.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio, senator and top Republican on the Intelligence Committee, welcomed the announcement of the new task force focused on China.

“The threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party is real and growing,” Rubio said in a statement. “Every part of our government needs to reflect this great power competition in message, structure, and action.”

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