People of faith have always believed that every single living being is precious and abortion equals killing. Yet on Wednesday, Oct. 2, a small group of abortion activists was seen singing religious songs, prayed, and promoted the idea that it is morally acceptable to kill an innocent human being.

The Rev. Dr. Cari Jackson, a pastor and abortion activist with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice has been traveling with others across the country using their roles a religious leaders. On Wednesday morning, they gathered at the Whole Women’s Health abortion business in McAllen, Texas, during a sacrilegious ceremony to argue that it is “ungodly” to restrict abortions.

“We have come to Texas with a serious and yet also joyous focus: to affirm the staff and patients at Whole Woman’s Health as being blessed in their role of providing compassionate care,” Jackson said.

Jackson has been a regular at these so-called abortion clinic blessing ceremonies. So far, her organization has held them in Ohio, Texas, Maryland, and Washington,  The Life News reported

Their goal is to make abortions seem morally acceptable in the eyes of the faith community.

“We want to show them a different vision of faith than they may have experienced before—one that upholds reproductive health, advocates for reproductive justice, and celebrates the beauty and power of supporting the bodily autonomy of each and every person that comes through their doors,” Jackson said.

As human morals have become  corrupted, people like Jackson appeared. These people ignore Christian values, promote death, and violence instead. The worst is they are acting in the name of religion to pervert the truth and lead people astray.

Have they ever asked their conscience, how many children’s lives would put to the stake in abortion? 

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