After the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan supported Taiwan by declaring that his country would ensure that a seizure of the island “never happens,” an official spokesman of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issued a strong reaction.

The Global Times, which produces the CCP’s propaganda, stated that the Chinese army “will heavily attack U.S. troops who come to Taiwan’s rescue,” according to The Washington Free Beacon on Dec. 9. 

He also challenged the U.S. to present the resources at its disposal to dissuade the CCP from invading the island home to 24 million people, adding that such support only further fuels the invasion of the island.

This threat to attack the U.S. military increases the CCP’s aggressiveness to previously unseen levels in its insistence on using force.

“The more the United States and the island of Taiwan collude, the sooner reunification by force will come,” the CCP’s media insisted.

It also assured that although the big island’s self-defense capacity is being strengthened, those resources would not be sufficient in the face of the CCP’s attack. 

However, all this boast of war rhetoric was transformed into a request for the United States to convince the Taiwanese to “avoid confrontation” and abandon their aspirations for independence and bow to the CCP’s wishes for membership, Taiwan News reported

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu linked CCP authoritarianism to expansionism, commenting that such a regime often creates external conflicts to camouflage problems within the territory it dominates. 

Likewise, Wu projected such an aggressive attitude as a possible cause of a global conflict if not given sufficient attention promptly. 

“We don’t hope that it will cause the third (world) war,” Wu posited, considering that circumstances similar to those that started World War II are taking shape.

He also reiterated the position of his nation that “it is not part of the People’s Republic of China, and this is the historical fact.”

On the other hand, although the Biden administration is seen as appeasing the CCP, a U.S. Treasury Department spokesman said that a series of sanctions would be announced this week to commemorate the Democracy Summit.

The sanctions target those involved in corruption, gross human rights violations, and the destruction of democracy.

While no further details are known about who will be targeted for these punishments, Voice of America says that in addition to the take over of Hong Kong and threats to take over Taiwan, the list of CCP mishandling of human rights and foreign affairs is quite long.

In addition, Benjamin Golden, a senior fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington, noted that the United States considers the CCP the most significant challenge to democracy, which would suggest that sanctions against some of its members or organizations might be contemplated. 

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