Facebook is aware of Chinese officials monitoring subjects of oppression on its platform but has done little to intervene; an ex-Facebook manager has accused.

“My team directly worked on tracking Chinese participation on the platform surveilling, say, Uyghur populations in places around the world,” said Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen at a Senate hearing this week, reports the Washington Examiner.

“You could actually find the Chinese based on them doing these kinds of things,” she added.

Haugen warned that foreign espionage operations were widespread outside of the Chinese government, and the social media giant allegedly repeated the same reckless attitude.

“We also saw active participation of, say, the Iran government doing espionage on other state actors,” Haugen said. 

“So, this is definitely a thing that is happening, and I believe Facebook’s consistent understaffing of the counterespionage, information operations, and counterterrorism teams is a national security issue,” she added.

According to Haugen, Facebook is well aware of the problem with espionage exploiting it, but it has not recognized how profound the issue has been, at least judging by how it has assigned limited internal monitors to counter such operations.

“Facebook is very aware that this is happening on the platform,” she told the Senators. “And I believe the fact that Congress doesn’t get a report of exactly how many people are working on these things internally is unacceptable.”

The shocking allegations infuriated Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), who leads the Senate Commerce Committee. According to the Washington Examiner, he has demanded another hearing over national security risks the social media tyrant may have condoned.

“We may want to discuss this issue … at least informally and if you’d want to come back for another hearing,” Blumenthal said.

Throughout her appearance in front of the Senate, Haugen brought concerns that Facebook has downplayed ethical issues with seeking profits that an internal probe highlighted. 

The research found that the social media titan has side-stepped moral conduct by fostering hatred, disinformation, and political instability to hook users and make them addicted.

While being submerged in jaw-dropping allegations, Facebook’s platforms went through a major global outage for six hours on Tuesday and once again on Friday for nearly two hours. Critics believe the disruption was no coincidence.

“Our social media has been used as a useful idiot for authoritarian regimes. But on the other [hand], they’re absolutely terrified of their own wrongdoings,” the American Enterprise Institute’s Ivana Stradner told the Washington Examiner. 

“… They have this paranoia that the United States or the Western allies are going to do, or are already doing, the same thing [as] the Russians or the Chinese. And this is why they believe that an open internet is a threat to domestic stability,” Stradner believes.

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