The Chinese communist regime held a major military presentation where it showcased its new fleet of warplanes. During the event, the deputy commander of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) air force, Wang Wei, boasted of the Chinese-powered weapons development and sprouted some threatening phrases directed against the United States. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 29, the Chinese communist regime held the country’s largest military air show. It displayed its most advanced stealth fighter jets, all equipped with 100% Chinese technology, reported the SCMP.

Commander Wang Wei invited the U.S. military to meet the PLA “in the sky during the event.” His remarks came in response to comments by U.S. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall, who recently warned about Chinese military development and the need for the U.S. to invest in new military technologies in order not to be left behind.

Kendall said the U.S. Air Force is more vulnerable than it should be allowed to be. And that the sustained development of the Chinese military since 2010 should set alarm bells ringing in the West.

For this reason, Kendall recommended that the U.S. increase its investment in military aeronautics development to stay ahead of the curve with technologies that “scare China.”

Wang, during his speech at the mega military event, said about Kendall’s remarks:

“Recently a counterpart of mine who is from a major country claims he wants to scare China,” and went on to say, “I can only say, if they are not scared (of China’s capabilities), let’s meet in the sky.”

Numerous Chinese military and aerospace companies participated in the event, but foreign attendees were not allowed in citing coronavirus safeguards.

In recent years, the Chinese regime has shown interest in engaging in a military race with Western powers, mainly with the United States, which is identified as its main strategic rival.

It has been gradually replacing Russian engines in its aeronautical machinery with engines of its own production, both in manned aircraft and in modern crewless aircraft.

Advances in military technology by the Chinese regime are of concern to the international community, primarily because of its lack of transparency regarding the development of nuclear weapons.

The concern is such that Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), warned against the coercive policies of the Chinese communist regime and placed particular emphasis on its nuclear weapons program.

In an official announcement issued by Stoltenberg’s office, the Chinese authorities were pressed to generate greater transparency on critical issues such as nuclear weapons development while demanding that they end their coercive policies against neighboring countries and trade competitors. 

The Chinese regime’s nuclear expansion has raised several alarms in the international community this year, especially after a group of U.S. experts revealed that the regime was building hundreds of nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile silos in Yumen, a desert area located some 380 km to the southeast in Gansu province, as reported by the Washington Post in June.

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