The Republican senator for Florida, Marco Rubio, assured that the Chinese communist regime has “pressured” major U.S. companies to promote policies that help China. In this sense, he also argued that the executives of the leading companies are entirely corrupted and cannot speak freely or confront China.

On Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Rubio talked about the strong interference that the Chinese communist regime has in major U.S. companies and how different factors pressure them to benefit the regime with their policies and harm the United States. 

In this sense, Rubio assured that China has “delegated major U.S. corporations and their leaders to come to the United States and push for policies that favor the Chinese position.”

He particularly named Apple CEO Tim Cook, who claimed that he may not be able to say what he wants freely or thinks regarding China.

These companies are eager to do business with and for China because of the enormous flow of business involved in doing business in the Asian giant. That seems to be the main reason that leads to generating an easily corruptible business culture, which makes the directors of these companies forget or “look the other way,” the serious allegations that weigh on the Chinese communist regime regarding the systematic violation of human rights, and prioritize doing business over any atrocity that occurs in the distant Asian lands.

During the interview, there was also talk about those companies that are not participating in the Chinese market but would like to do so, or at least not be harmed by possible Chinese competitors in the Western market.

Such is the case with Facebook, in this regard, Hewitt asked about its CEO Zuckerberg, and Rubio answered: 

“Facebook is not in China. But I think they are increasingly concerned about China’s growing telecom influence in all these other countries around the world. And so they don’t want to start having problems in these other places where the Chinese go into some country and say, hey, you should get rid of Facebook and replace it with our version of Facebook. So I think they’re worried about that, absolutely. And I think they’re still dreaming and hoping that someday they’ll be able to get into China.”

This same situation also occurs with many large U.S. firms that, in their eagerness to participate in the Chinese market, put aside all kinds of ethical/business and patriotic values.

A recent case that serves as a clear example is the National Basketball Association (NBA). According to China’s state propaganda media, the NBA has returned to participate in its market but under strong conditions imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

The Global Times recently suggested that the NBA should “undertake a certain amount of influence within the United States” on behalf of Beijing to repay its hosts for their generosity, the newspaper reported.


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