Columnist, lawyer, and China expert Gordon Chang wrote an opinion piece for Fox News arguing that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been aiding the Taliban terrorist group for decades by selling them weapons, and with the new scenario in Afghanistan, Beijing is now trying to present a positive image of the terrorists.

Even though the CCP has been providing weapons and logistics that the Taliban used to kill Americans, president after president, including George Bush, who ordered the invasion of Afghanistan after the World Trade Center attack, has turned a blind eye, Chang wrote.

After the fateful Sept. 11, 2001, Bush decided to invade Afghanistan, which under Taliban rule was home to the terrorist group blamed for the attack, Al-Qaeda.

“China’s embassy in Kabul has remained open in recent days, a sign Beijing worked out an arrangement with the Taliban during the swift failure of the Afghan government,” the columnist notes as further evidence that the CCP has maintained contact with the terrorists before the takeover.

Last July 28, Taliban leaders met with the Chinese foreign minister in the city of Tianjin just days before they overthrew the Afghan government.

According to an intelligence source who did not reveal his identity but spoke to the Washington Post, two years before the World Trade Center attack, Huawei and ZTE, two Chinese state-owned companies, worked on the telecommunications system when the Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

“Huawei, China’s “national champion” telecom-networking-gear manufacturer, had a deep relationship with the Taliban. Electronic Engineering Times reported in December 2001 that Indian intelligence officials believed Huawei India supplied communications surveillance equipment to the Taliban in Afghanistan,” Chang wrote.

China was a main supplier of small arms to the Taliban

“BBC and other sources report that Beijing supplied the Taliban, even after Sept. 11, with surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft guns, landmines, rocket-propelled grenades and parts for roadside bombs as well as large-caliber sniper rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition,” Chang said. “Some of these arms were shipped directly from China’s factories. Of particular concern was the Chinese shoulder-fired HN-5 anti aircraft missile.”

While some of these weapons were getting to the Taliban via Iran and Pakistan, because of China’s totalitarian control model, the CCP knows for sure what happens to the weapons it sells.

“Chinese arms merchants were villains, but Americans and others allowed them to be villainous. A series of U.S.  presidents – especially George W. Bush—looked the other way at China’s supply of weapons to the Taliban and insurgents in Iraq,” the columnist noted.

As other experts have pointed out, the West’s mistake was to think that by integrating the CCP into the international trading system, the regime would eventually become accountable, i.e., it would begin to respect international standards in terms of human rights, trade, so on.

But after two decades, Chang points out, the world saw that the CCP has no interest in ‘civilizing,’ is malicious and provocative, and the international community has lost its patience.

“Should the Taliban once again allow Afghanistan to be used as a staging ground for terrorist attacks, Washington will have to hold accountable not only the Taliban but also the Taliban’s big-power sponsors. That means, first and foremost, its most important backer, the People’s Republic of China,” the columnist said.

The CCP tries to present the terrorist group as ‘rational’ and ‘sober’

American intelligence sources revealed that the CCP would be willing to recognize the terrorist group as the legitimate government of Afghanistan in an attempt to capitalize on its business interests in the region.

Gordon Chang used his Twitter account this Aug. 20 to pose the question, “China’s Foreign Ministry continually presents the Taliban in the best possible light, why?”

In his tweet, Chang points to an article published by the People’s Daily, one of the CCP’s propagandist media outlets, where Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying describes in a positive light the terrorist group.

China has admitted it has been in contact with the Afghan Taliban and others, and intend to respect their rule of the country.

However, the Taliban takeover was not based on respect for any faction but rather on the use of force and violence.

Reports and videos confirm that the Taliban shot Afghan citizens and foreigners in Kabul waiting to board a plane.

Under so-called Sharia law, Afghans are killed if the Taliban find that they have the Bible on their cell phones, a common factor with the CCP, which persecutes and tortures all those with spiritual beliefs.

The statements by the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman expose once again the perverse nature of the Chinese Communist Party, whose greed and evil know no bounds. As Gordon Chang points out, it is time for the international community to hold it accountable.

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