Wang Zhiyuan is a medical doctor from China and the story he has to tell is his own experience as a patient suffering from an incurable and progressive disease who had no hope for any good outcome—that is, until he took up the practice of Falun Gong—is both inspiring and fascinating.

Wang who has lived in the United States since 1995, began practicing medicine in China in 1972, and at one time he was a medical director in China’s air force, as reported on The Wisdom of Falun Dafa.

It was in 1983 that he began to suffer from progressive spinal muscular atrophy, an incurable disease. It is a rare and hereditary subtype of motor neuron disease that has no known cure. It is a devastating disease that gradually destroys the motor neurons in the brainstem and spinal cord. The World Health Organization lists it as one of the world’s top five incurable diseases.

As the disease progresses, muscular dystrophy is followed by flaccid paralysis, with patients eventually becoming too weak to breathe, resulting in suffocation. The average age for a patient to survive is three to five years after the onset of the disease, with the longest being 15 years, according to Wang.

His wife is also a medical practitioner, working in the Department of Neurology. Although both doctors had treated and cured many patients, when faced with a life and death struggle of their own, they were at a loss where to turn. They consulted with many doctors, of both Chinese and Western medicine, but to no avail.

Wang described how when working at the Beijing Air Force General Hospital, he observed a patient who had been climbing on Shijin Mountain eight days before being admitted. On the second day after his admittance, the patient’s respiratory muscles had atrophied to such an extent that he was unable to breathe, and was placed on a respirator. When Wang saw the man, he had been in the hospital for two years and was a shocking sight, just skin, and bone. The man’s condition had a great impact on the doctor.

As Wang’s own condition continued to deteriorate, and he began to experience overall weakness, he suffered mentally as well.
Even walking from the first floor to the second in the hospital made him dizzy and exhausted, and his memory was decaying, at times he couldn’t even remember where he lived. His weight dropped from 164 pounds to 126 pounds.

The disease progresses

Wang traveled throughout China in search of a qigong master, and eventually learned a type of kung fu, which was considered very powerful. “But the more I practiced, my physical condition became worse and I got a duodenal ulcer, enteritis, urinary stones, and severe upper and lower respiratory tract bleeding. I went into shock in 1994 and almost died!” he said.

While working abroad as a medical research expert at the Cardiovascular Research Center of the School of Public Health at Harvard University in 1995, he suffered a great deal of physical and mental exhaustion and when in 1995 a friend who had been practicing Falun Gong asked him to try it, although he had reservations, he placed his trust in his friend and agreed to attend a series of nine-day Falun Dafa lectures.

First experience with Falun Dafa

Wang recounted, “On the first day, I watched a video of Master Li’s lecture. I felt a powerful energy field covering me. Then I felt a torrent of heat from my back, from head to toes, throughout my body. The comfort and warmth was beyond words! I am a strong person, but I burst into tears. I don’t remember ever crying before that. I am not afraid of any difficulties I encounter, but I unconsciously shed tears.”

He continued, “When I went there that day, my mind was dizzy. I had worked all day and was very busy and tired, and my health was not good. But when I finished the class on the way home, I realized that my eyes were bright! A clear head makes people feel very relaxed. I felt so excited, I had finally found it! Even a professional monk cultivator could not find such a high-level master!”

When he returned for the second lecture, his body began to experience a type of cleansing.
“The next day, I went to the class and listened again. I had to use the toilet nonstop, and later my stomach symptoms disappeared on the fourth or fifth day. I felt like a normal person again,” he said.

“Later, I read in the book ‘Zhuan Falun’ that some people have internal organs that are contaminated and need to be cleaned up during cultivation. That’s why some people need to use the toilet so much when they first start practicing because their internal organs have to be cleaned up. I immediately understood it was because I had urinary stones,” he continued.

Something incredible

Wang continued to read the teachings of Falun Gong and do the five exercises the practice has, and after three months something incredible happened.

“I had completely returned to normal. My symptoms disappeared and I bounced back to my original weight. My hemoglobin had recovered from 6 or 7 grams to more than 13 grams in less than 100 days. The regeneration cycle of red blood cells is 120 days, but I recovered in less than a hundred days! Can you say it wasn’t a miracle? Then there is also my spinal muscular atrophy. How did the muscles grow back again? How did I recover from it?” he questioned.

“Current medical methods cannot stop the disease, but I recovered in three months. It is a miracle of medicine because in cases like mine, authoritative records show that people survive on average three to five years, with the longest being 15 years. But I recovered. I have been practicing for 22 years from February 1998 until now. Looking at me now, my face is red and my body is strong! But I was 120 pounds and skinny. This is the miracle of Falun Dafa! Practicing Falun Gong gave me a second life, and a brand new world unfolded before my eyes!” Wang said.

Medical science has no answers to cure his condition, yet by following Falun Gong for around three months he was cured completely. It is the kind of miracle modern medicine cannot explain, said the doctor.

It wasn’t the only miracle he experienced, “When I was reading the book “Zhuan Falun,” one day I saw it turn red, and then purple. I was very excited that day. People say that “Zhuan Falun” is a celestial book. This book itself carries a powerful energy field. It has been changing into a rainbow of colors for almost a year. I tell everyone this is a divine book,” he said.

The doctor is aware many people would be skeptical of his experience. “Many people can’t imagine my miracle. Some people don’t even believe it, but people are just like that. Only if you practice it yourself can you truly experience the power of Falun Gong. I tell all people in the world this gospel, and I advise all friends not to miss this golden opportunity. Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance is good!”

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