In an interview with the New York Post, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the activities carried out by the Chinese Consulate in New York are more like a spying than something diplomatic. 

Pompeo said, “They’re engaged in activities where they’re crossing the line from normal diplomacy to the kinds of things that would be more akin to what spies are doing.”

A New York City police officer was charged on Monday, Sept. 21, with acting illegally as an agent of a foreign government, as well as wire fraud, false statements, and obstruction of official proceedings.

The police officer from the 111th precinct in Queens was identified as Baimadajie Angwang, an ethnic Tibetan, and the incident was being handled by an official from the Chinese Consulate in Manhattan. One of his tasks was to gather information on potential opponents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including members of “religious and ethnic minorities.”

Pompeo confirmed that there are more cases like Angwang and that it is likely that more Chinese agents and the “diplomats” who helped lead and recruit them will be arrested. He said that the spy network in New York is based in the Chinese Consulate.

Closing of Houston Consulate

In July of this year, the FBI closed the Chinese Consulate in Houston after discovering that two military assets there were conducting an extensive operation to steal intellectual property from U.S. companies. 

“We closed it because they’re engaged in espionage and that is a legal term. It’s not just a spy novel term. It is a very data-driven, analytic, fact-based analysis that says, ‘No, this is espionage, it’s unlawful, and therefore, we’re going to send you back,'” explained Pompeo about the closing of the consulate.

Pompeo has been consistent in his efforts to raise awareness of the threat the CCP poses to the United States. Last week he visited the Wisconsin Legislature and spoke about how consular officials use their positions to try to manipulate national and state officials to enhance the CCP’s image, that is, repeat the propaganda of the CCP.

During his speech, Pompeo cited the example of state Sen. Roger Roth (R-Wis.) who received an email from Wu Ting, a person responsible for China-Wisconsin relations, from the Chinese Consulate in Chicago. “The email included a draft resolution that she asked the senator to pass—in this chamber—praising China’s response to the coronavirus,” the secretary explained.

Initially the senator thought it was a joke, but Later he received a second email from the same person and this time he replied “Nuts.”

Pompeo recounted another of the tactics used by CCP agents to extend their repression to American soil.

Pompeo recalled, “In 2017, a California state senator proposed a bill merely expressing support for the Falun Gong practitioners in America and in China. It was oratory; it was a rhetorical resolution. These people that he was speaking to have suffered as tremendously under the Chinese Communist Party’s crackdowns on religious freedom as any others.” 

Consulate officials in San Francisco threatened the senator that the resolution would deeply damage California-China relations and hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. Unfortunately, the senator caved in to the pressure and the resolution was never introduced.

Pompeo also spoke of another instance in which Wu Ting again sent a letter to a Wisconsin congressman saying, “We are firmly opposed to racial discrimination and xenophobia against the local Chinese community and stigmatization of China and the Chinese people over [this] virus.” 

Pompeo shot, “They want you to believe that America’s righteous anger at the CCP over its handling of the coronavirus has something to do with race. It does not. It has everything to do with citizens who are no longer with us, children who aren’t able to go back to school, and jobs that have been lost.”

The speech ended with words of encouragement from the secretary of state, who assured everyone that confronting the CCP is not a partisan issue. “Each of—each of us as public officials must never be complacent or complicit in the CCP’s campaign to fracture American society and to silence American voices,” Pompeo said.

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