A dangerous, addictive drug is wreaking havoc in the United States. It is even more powerful than the deadly fentanyl and is being legally marketed in the country and Europe. 

A California-based anti-addiction drug activist, who preferred to remain anonymous, related that it is isotonitazene-based compounds, often mixed with heroin or cocaine, alternative media outlet Big League Politics reported on April 16. 

The insider shared that in cases of overdoses with “iso,” as they often abbreviate the name, drug addicts do not react to the application of Naloxone, which is used as an antidote for those intoxicated with fentanyl.

 “And fentanyl wasn’t showing up in blood tests or autopsy reports,” the activist continued, who maintained anonymity. “We realized this was isotonitazene,” the source explained. 

Likewise, the investigator, Hollie McKay, explained that the dangerous drug “is made by the cartels south of the border with precursor ingredients shipped from China, especially Shanghai.”

On the other hand, a former agent who headed the DEA’s Special Operations Division, Derek Maltz, added more information about “iso.”

“Isotonitazene is another deadly synthetic opioid made in Chinese labs which are contributing to the escalating death rates in America,” Maltz stated.

He added: “Intelligence indicates the isotonitazene is being sold through the Internet by the Chinese transnational criminals, and they are using networks in Canada as well to import the lethal drugs into the U.S.A.”

“Many Americans have died and will continue to die from ingesting these lethal synthetic opioids. The death rates are already off the charts and at record levels,” Maltz said.

In this regard, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that more than 81,000 people died from drug overdoses, a record number between July 2019 and 2020, but data lacked on how many of those deaths were caused by “iso.”

However, a specialist in psychiatry and addiction medicine, Dr. Antonio De Filippo, estimates that monthly overdoses with that drug could be between 40-50 from the summer of 2019 to the summer of 2020.

Likewise, Michael Evans-Brown, of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction’s New Drug Early Warning System, reported that this addictive drug was also distributed in Europe, 

“One important concern is that people who use opioids have no experience of how to use isotonitazene,” Evans-Brown said. 

He added: “It can increase the risk of overdose, and this risk is especially high when people don’t know they are using it, as in the case of fake medicines containing the substance recently reported in Canada.”

To make matters worse, U.S. legislation to outlaw the new addictive drug is usually at a disadvantage and lagging behind the rapid innovation of Chinese chemists. 

“Our drug control laws are old, and the ease of chemical innovation, cheap shipping, and the ubiquity of the internet have all stretched the applicability of these laws,” stated Bryce Pardo, a policy research associate at the Rand Corporation, a U.S. think tank.

On the other hand, the open borders policy of President Joe Biden and the Democrats, who are creating the immigration crisis, further aggravates the situation.

Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee spoke out about this disaster, saying that the Biden administration’s open borders have increased the trafficking of drugs derived from Chinese fentanyl known to be highly fatal.

“China is pumping this fentanyl into Mexico … where it’s manufactured and used as a component of drugs that are coming in and killing our kids in Tennessee,” the senator said.

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