Following a U.S. move to withdraw from the WHO, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has chosen to side with the health agency and berate Washington.

According to The Associated Press, CCP Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian called the move “another demonstration of the U.S. pursuing unilateralism, withdrawing from groups and breaking contracts.” 

Zhao went on to affirm the organization’s role as “the most authoritative and professional international institution in the field of global public health security,” and indicated that this decision would hinder the global effort in combating the pandemic and cause difficulties to the developing countries that are “in urgent need of international support.” 

The United States announced its decision to end the relationships with the WHO alleging that the agency has been spreading CCP “disinformation” about the deadly virus.

The WHO has been widely criticized for delivering contradictory and erratic information. It also failed to provide prompt international notification and take appropriate measures to prevent dangerous health effects.

Initially, the WHO claimed that it was notified about the cases of the CCP Virus by the Wuhan municipal health commission, without specifying where or how it was notified, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

It affirmed that there was no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission identified in Wuhan, as well.

Yet, in late June, the WHO made another revised announcement saying, “It first heard about the coronavirus from a press release online, rather than a report from Chinese authorities,” reported Business Insider. 

Researcher and journalist Shrenik Rao commented that by suppressing information and keeping the world in the dark about the spread of the disease, they have orchestrated mass murder on a global scale,” referring to the CCP and the WHO.

The WHO’s ravings caused the United States to initially suspend its contributions of about $450 million a year until it demonstrated substantial reorganization in pursuit of greater efficiency in carrying out its mission.

However, witnessing its poor performance, the Trump administration has decided to withdraw from the WHO in 2021. 

Effective July 6, 2021, the United States will leave the WHO and stop paying financial obligations enshrined in a joint resolution passed by Congress back in 1948.

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