The Civilian Office of Police Accountability in Chicago has released a police body camera video from a shooting last month in which cops killed a gunman after he shot a cop and a Home Depot security guard.

The gunman, teenager Trabon Chadwell, 18, died of multiple gunshots.

The shooting started after the suspect shot a Home Depot store security guard when he tried to stop the man from stealing from the store, Fox 32 reported.

The dramatic footage shows the suspect firing on police, who were called to the scene after he had injured the Home Depot guard.

While chasing the suspect on foot from the store in the Brighton Park area, a police officer was shot in the shoulder.

One of the videos shows two officers who arrived in their squad car near the store as police searched for Chadwell. “He’s running, he’s running, go get him,” one officer said.

One officer pursued the perpetrator down a side street. The officer saw the perpetrator standing in the alley as he turned the corner of a garage.

“What’s up, man?” the officer said.

A single gunshot is heard in seconds as the officer started to turn and ducked back into the gangway. He fell to the ground and shouted, “I’m shot, I’m shot, I’m shot.”

A clip from another officer’s bodycam shows the officer was dragged to safety by his partner as he lay on the ground.

Surveillance footage from a nearby garage appears to show the suspect turning around and raising his pistol at the officer as the officer returned to the gangway.

Footage from another officer’s bodycam also captured the moment when police cornered the suspect and shot him dead. The clip shows two officers arriving at the scene as a backup after their colleague was shot.

The cops are heard ordering Chadwell to drop his weapon, saying: ‘Put the ******* gun down, it’s not ******* worth it.

Another clip shows the officers ran into a nearby yard as gunfire is heard in the near distance.

‘I got him; I got him! an officer said.

Next, the video shows a policeman rushed to the scene. Several police officers were surrounding Chadwell’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood, groaning. The police handcuffed him and bandaged him, then Chadwell was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. 

The injured police officer and the security guard were rushed to the hospital. According to his family, the security guard, identified as Kevin Lockett, has been left in a coma.

“He is in a coma state, responding to pain but not opening his eyes, not able to speak,” said Lockett’s daughter. “He had a lot of swelling to the head. They took him to surgery to see if they could remove the bullet. They got some of it, but there are fragments left.”

The police officer was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Chadwell’s mother told CBS Chicago that she was shocked by the shooting. She was convinced that her son was not a “bad person” and had no intention of harming anyone.

Her son was diagnosed with ADHD and had mental health issues, according to the mother.

“Please accept my sincere condolences [security guard’s] I know my baby didn’t mean to do that, so my family, “she said. “He did not, and I am sorry it happened.”

The incident brings the total number of Chicago police officers shot in the line of duty to four in the last two weeks, bringing the year’s total to 16.

CPD Superintendent David Brown said: “I get questions all the time about what is the department doing about violence, what are we doing about the shootings, what are we doing about the homicides. What we are doing is risking our lives every day to protect this city.”

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