A Chicago-area park district modified its decision and apologized after announcing that unvaccinated children would not participate in sports.

In December 2021, the Pleasant Dale Park District, a Cook County park district in the southwestern Chicago suburb of Burr Ridge, notified parents that all children and coaches on county sports teams must be vaccinated. It went on to say that youngsters who had not been vaccinated would not be able to play on county sports teams.

The district then stated that the original statement was “premature” shortly after it was sent.

Residents were later informed that the order was being reviewed, said Pleasant Dale County athletics supervisor Tyler LeGrand.

“Park District legal counsel and insurance providers are currently reviewing the order from Cook County. No official implementation decisions or plans have been made at this time. The correspondence sent out was premature and we apologize for any confusion.” LeGrand stated according to Breitbart.

The district initially claimed that it was carrying out its responsibilities by Cook County officials.

The district also announced that the start of the girls’ basketball season will be moved from Jan. 17 to Jan. 24, giving parents more time to get their children vaccinated.

According to Chicago talk show host Dan Proft, coaches and vaccinated children are expected to wear their shirts to be identified as vaccinated.

“From Pleasant Dale Park Dst in Burr Ridge: For girls under 12 basketball, must get vaxed by 1/24. Until then, vaxed coaches, kids wear jerseys while unvaxed kids wear street clothes to ID the vaxed from the unvaxed,” Proft wrote in his tweet.

However, the clothing claim has yet to be confirmed.

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