According to authorities, at least eight children were injured, one of whom died, in separate shootings around the City of Chicago over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

At least 60 people were shot and injured or killed by gun violence.

Gunshots fired outside Mychal Moultry’s home in the Woodlawn area on Chicago’s South Side struck him twice in the head.

He was shot through an open window while getting a haircut on Friday night. Moultry was taken to the hospital and died later.

Superintendent David Brown of the Chicago Police Department chastised “criminals” for knowing they are being targeted and would face retaliation from other gangs.

“Why are you continuing to be around young people—our children?” Brown said. “That’s on you. We will hold offenders accountable, but why are you living a life of crime involving innocent 4-year-olds?”

“Stay away from children if you want to live that life.”

“I’m not trying to vilify the victim,” he said, “but these innocent young children should not be the byproduct of your criminal behavior.”

The police are offering a $9,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Moultry’s murderer.

After the weekend, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown appealed to the community for help.

Brown stated, “We need people in the community to come forward,” adding, “This is beyond trusting police. This is about the safety of our babies.”

In the coming days, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration will reveal a plan to reduce gun violence in the city, she said.

She stated that the shooters have “have absolutely no regard for the sanctity of human life,” and that the people should assist the authorities to “stem the tide on this violence.”

At a news conference, Lightfoot stated, “The people in the neighborhoods who are doing the shooting, they are known to people in the neighborhoods.” She added, “I understand the fear that’s out there. But I’m just calling upon people in these neighborhoods, particularly when we think about the number of children who have been shot, you’ve got to have your faith overcome your fear. You’ve got to step up.”

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