Fox News reported on Thursday, March 4, that Amazon canceled the sale of the documentary of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s life without giving a specific reason to the producer.

“What Amazon has done is a disservice to anyone—black or white—who is interested in the rich history of black Americans,” Wall Street Journal columnist Jason L. Riley wrote about the decision.

“Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words,” features Thomas’s journey from extreme poverty to becoming the second African American to reach the Supreme Court.

Filmmaker Michael Pack explained that Amazon did not violate any contractual clause, although the lack of motives raises questions about its reasons.

“They have the right to pull anything from their site, and they don’t have to give an explanation,” Pack said. “So, it’s not a contract violation. But many people have complained, and they haven’t put it back up.”

Justice Thomas’s conservative values

During the contentious presidential election on Nov. 3, 2020, most justices rejected claims brought by the Trump administration over election irregularities. Justice Clarence Thomas, along with Justice Samuel Alito, wrote a separate opinion expressing their interest in reviewing fraud evidence.

Thomas has also been a staunch defender of religious liberty and has written opinions opposing the advancement of the LGBT agenda that seeks to criminalize traditional marriage and undermine Christian values.

Referring to a government order that all states recognize same-sex marriage, the justice said, “It is found nowhere in the Constitution.” He added that it threatens “the religious liberty of the many Americans who believe that marriage is a sacred institution between one man and one woman.”

A disturbing pattern

On Feb. 22, Amazon also made headlines for removing a book from its online store that speaks critically about the transgender movement.

Ryan T. Anderson, the author of “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement,” said the book was on Amazon’s bestseller list and provided “thoughtful answers to questions arising from our transgender moment” and offered “a balanced approach to public policy on gender identity, and a sober assessment of the human costs of getting human nature wrong.”

In the cancel culture of the left in this new digital age, since there are no books to burn, and the monopoly is in their hands, they just have to ban their circulation to eliminate differing opinions to eradicate traditional culture.

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