A growing chorus of media personalities has supported public scrutiny of a federal law enforcement agency.

America First host Sebastian Gorka, Federalist co-founder Sean Davis, “I’m Right” host Jesse Kelly, and American Greatness senior writer Julie Kelly have condemned the latest FBI statement on a suspected Texas synagogue hostage-taker.

The mass communicators used social media to slam one senior FBI official for claiming British national Malik Faisal Akram did not take four hostages because they were Jewish.

“We do believe from our engaging with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the Jewish community,” FBI special agent in charge Matt DeSarno said according to Fox News. “We are continuing to work to find motive.”

The remarks came even though the siege occurred at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, near Fort Worth, during the Jewish Sabbath (holy day). The incident’s timing sparked strong public backlash.

“The FBI is now an organization solely focused on destroying the domestic enemies of the Democratic Party,” Kelly said on Twitter. “Any Republican Congress or presidential candidate, who does not loudly proclaim his intention to massively reform or disband this organization, should not be considered.”

Davis went one step further to urge the Biden administration to stop giving taxpayer money to the agency.

“The FBI is an irreparably corrupt and broken agency that needs to be defunded and eliminated,” he said on Twitter.

Akram had asked authorities to release Pakistani woman Aafia Siddiqui, who is imprisoned in Texas for allegedly trying to kill American service members in Afghanistan during 2008.

The FBI and Department of Justice consider the detainee an “al-Qaeda operative and facilitator.” In addition, the broadcaster revealed she has a history of anti-Semitism. She demanded that jurors in her case be DNA tested and removed if they have a “Zionist or Israeli background.”

“The FBI is a joke. A dangerous joke,” Gorka said on Twitter.

Akram died at the scene, and the hostages were uninjured.

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