Michael Bloomberg , a 2020 Democratic candidate was under fire after ABC News aired its investigation report on Monday, Dec. 16, on three sexual harassment lawsuits leveled against his Bloomberg L.P. company.

The thing is CBS News and NBC News, with records of their sexual harassers Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, were now keeping silent. Three weeks ago, the two networks boasted about Bloomberg announcing his presidential campaign and ignored his manipulation of Bloomberg News to be solely against President Trump.

“Money. Money, money, money. He has more of it than any other candidate,” boasted CBS political correspondent Ed O’Keefe on “CBS This Morning.” “So he doesn’t have some of the hurdles that the others do. After initially ruling out a run earlier this year, Bloomberg is officially in, running as a moderate Democrat.” NBC’s “Today” also falsely labeled him a “moderate.”

Even ABC correspondent Linsey Davis gushed on “Good Morning America,” “Estimated to be worth $53 billion, he’s one of the richest people in the world, and now using his own money to fund his race for the White House. His campaign says he’ll spend whatever it takes.”

However, among three big names, only ABC News raised its voice on Bloomberg’s case.

“Tonight, new questions about Michael Bloomberg and the company he founded that made him a billionaire. ABC News has learned that Bloomberg’s company is currently facing three lawsuits for sexual harassment and gender inequality,” reported chief national correspondent Tom Llamas during “Good Morning America” and “World News Tonight” flagship programs on Monday evening. “The lawyer who brought those cases says Michael Bloomberg fostered a sexist corporate culture.”

According to ABC News, Bloomberg once faced charges in the ’90s when he pressured an employee at the firm to kill her unborn baby to keep her job.

Mr. Tom Llamas: He’s faced similar accusations before. In the 1990s, one of his regional sales managers, Sekiko Sakai, claimed in a legal complaint she told Bloomberg she was pregnant.

Ms. Bonnie Josephs: (Sekiko Sakai’s former lawyer): She thought he would be pleased that she was pregnant. She said that to him. And he said to her, “Kill it.”

Llamas: Sakai resigned shortly after her child was born and filed a lawsuit alleging that she “Understood the statement of Michael Bloomberg to mean that I should have an abortion to keep my job.”

In an interview with ABC, which aired on “GMA,” Donna Clancy, the lawyer for the three women currently suing Bloomberg’s company, told Llamas, “We have investigated the company for the last four years and the culture is such that women are not valued, in fact, they’re objectified.”

“And Clancy says there’s a reason why voters may have never heard of other allegations like these,” Llamas added. “It’s because Bloomberg’s company agreed to financial settlements with nondisclosure agreements attached silencing the women who are complaining.”

“If Mr. Bloomberg is running for president I think the public needs to know what actually happened in his business,” Josephs told ABC. “It’s his company, it’s his business. He frames the atmosphere. He has to be responsible for it.”

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