Distubing video shows two teenage girls allegedly carjacking an UberEats car and speeding away with the driver sticking to the wheel before crashing and killing him.

The father of three children, in a violent suspected robbery in Washington, Mohammad Anwar, 66, was killed after being thrown from his Honda Accord.

The 13-year-old from Southeast D.C. and a 15-year-old from Fort Washington, Maryland are charged with felony murder and carjacking, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

On Tuesday, this disturbing incident occurred on Tuesday, March 23, in Washington near Nationals Park.

After the two girls rammed into the vehicle, Anwar failsed to take control of his car in the 90-second clip.

“They’re thieves!” he yells. “This is my car!” he insists as he attempted to remove the girl from the driver’s seat

However, the teen violently accelerates, sending the vehicle drifting down the streetwith Anwar still holding the steering wheel.

Annoyingly, the vehicle immediately smashes into a metal gate on its left side, trapping the delivery driver between the barrier and the car entrance. 

A screeching sound can be heard as the vehicle speeds out into a field, accompanied by a loud crashing noise.

The bystander who had been filming the incident returns to the scene of the accident, only to see the vehicle has tipped over and the two girls have climbed out.

Witnesses rushed to assist Anwar as his body lay motionless on the pavement. The juvenile suspects were rescued from the overturned car by two National Guardsmen who were in the area.

They kept them in detention before police came and detained them. Another spectator caught video of a battered gray sedan flipping on its side as troops were removing the two girls from the vehicle.

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