During an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday, March 22, Candace Owens, a conservative commentator, said that the border crisis should be called a “border plan” because Democrats want to “flood” illegal immigrants into the U.S. for their political interests. 

Owens said that she had warned Black Americans for years of what will happen to them as Democrats reduce the power of voters by allowing illegal aliens to come into the country, which they see as the next “victim voters.”

“What I mean when I say victim voters is that they’re gonna implement the same plan they have executed successfully on Black America for the last six decades,” Candace told host Tucker Carlson. “What comes next for these illegal immigrants? Free stuff!”

Owens said Democrats use free healthcare, free hotel rooms to entice these illegal immigrants to vote for them and allow them to stay in power—a strategy that Democrats have done with black Americans. 

Owens went on to say that Black Americans are starting to realize that their lives haven’t gotten better under Democrat policies. Still, it might be too late for them because Democrats have brought in a new bloc of voters—Hispanic illegal immigrants. 

“It’s not a border crisis; it’s a border plan,” Owens wrote on Twitter. “Bye-bye, Black America. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

During an interview with ABC News last week, President Joe Biden addressed illegal aliens who are storming the U.S.–Mexico border, saying, “Don’t come over … Don’t leave your town or city or community.” The message isn’t consistent with his 2019 platform in which he said immigrants, in fact, “should come” if they’re “fleeing oppression.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of migrants waiting at the U.S.–Mexico border have been photographed wearing shirts that say “Biden, please let us in” and flying Biden’s 2020 campaign flag. 

One illegal immigrant told an ABC News reporter that, had Trump been president, he “definitely” would not have attempted to cross the border. He explained he had come because Biden was elected president.

“Basically. Basically. The main thing was the violence in my country,” the man told ABC News correspondent Marth Raddatz. “And the second thing I think was Joe Biden. You know, it’s like it lightened up my hope, you know what I mean?”

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