China is a country where censorship can be seen at its ultimate, but now it has arrived on our own doorstop. Don’t ask any questions, do what you are told, and never think for yourself is the authoritarian rule Chinese citizens are forced to live under, and the United States is quickly following suit.

How it works in China

China has a social credit system, it allows the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to track every individual’s social and economic behavior, allowing complete control over their lives. The CCP keeps digital records on all citizens, and this includes facial recognition, biometric material, and intensive data tracking. This social credit system includes not only physical threats and imprisonment, but aims to shame and ostracize individuals to keep total control.

A person’s credit score is affected by misdemeanors like jaywalking, traffic fines, a missed payment, or complaints from neighbors about the noise you make.

If you score drops because of so-called bad behavior, you will find it difficult to make progress in life. Loans may be impossible to get, travel is restricted, even buying and selling becomes hard. If your behavior is deemed “very bad,” for instance you are considered a political dissident, you and your family will be blacklisted, causing society to shun you.

Censoring in the West

The United States might not have an official social credit system, the radical left—through cancel culture and censorship of ideas—has created something that’s eerily similar, says Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), an ER physician and combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The CCP has a vested interest in destroying Western society and the CCP Virus (COVID-19) it allowed to infiltrate the world before alerting authorities to its spread is one way that has been successful.

Perhaps we thought the suppression we see in China could never happen here. But we see the demands from Democrats to silence conservative voices, and how Big Tech and big business collaborated to take down conservative platforms, plus censor former President Trump by removing him from social media, it is not hard to make the comparisons with China.

The First Amendment can’t give you any protection when BigTech is doing business with “Uncle Sam.”

Green asked the questions, How do you explain it when a U.S. Democrat senator makes demands that Republicans be put on a no-fly-list for how they voted, or when an editor is forced to resign for allowing a Republican to publish an opinion piece in the editorial section of his newspaper?

It sounds very similar to the social credit system the CCP keeps its citizens oppressed under, said Green in an Op Ed on Fox News.

Controls creep in

If you remember, just prior to the Nov. 3 election, the New York story that broke about President Biden’s son Hunter and his laptop, was quickly suppressed by Twitter.

Then we have Amazon, Apple, and Google using their monopoly power to deplatform Parler, the biggest conservative alternative to Twitter. It is obvious Big Tech has increased censorship of those who don’t fit in as well.

One lawyer of the Public Broadcasting Service was captured on video calling for children of conservatives to be sent to re-education camps, and attempts have been made to deplatform Fox News.

The left is aiming to suppress any points of view that don’t conform to their objectives, and by doing so are traveling a dangerous road.

In case you have any doubts, consider what is already happening: cancel culture, removing conservative voices from campus, and schools being indoctrinated by socialism.

Employees are losing their jobs for upholding conservative values, police are being defunded, attempts are being made to rewrite history, even banks are being used to find out what citizens are doing.

The social credit system used in China seems to already have infiltrated our country.

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