Residents of San Francisco, California, organized a campaign to replace the district attorney general, Chesa Boudin, arguing that with his progressive policies, crime in the city has skyrocketed mainly due to his ‘vision’ of not jailing criminals.

The campaign to recall Chesa Boudin is a California state legal tool that allows a judge to call a new election with a certain number of signatures. Governor Newsom is currently under the same procedure.

What the attorney general is accused of

“The duty to enforce criminal laws, hold criminals accountable, and represent the law-abiding citizens by prosecuting and convicting is the duty of the District Attorney. In San Francisco, this obligation to the people is from Chesa Boudin. Under Boudin, elected November, 2019, our city’s criminal justice system has instead been suspended,” states the campaign website.

“Criminals are emboldened due to lack of accountability; those perpetrators arrested are simply let go, commit more crimes, and unfortunately, many are deadly. Our beloved city has seen an astronomical increase in violent crime, home invasions, shops looted, car-jackings, rampant and unchecked drug dealing and business property theft, even under Covid-19 restrictions.”

Last August 11, the first attempt—organized by the Republicans—to recall the prosecutor ended, for which 1714 signatures were missing out of the 51,325 they needed to collect. This time, the campaign is organized by a group of non-partisan residents.

Progressive policies

In 2014 the state of California passed Proposition 47, with which all non-violent robberies where the items were stolen are less than $1,000 in value are no longer considered a felony but a misdemeanor.

Videos of criminals looting stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco and leaving, walking leisurely as people look on idly, made headlines last month.

In an interview with Fox News, San Francisco Police Officers Association President Tony Montoya explained the frustration felt by officers who have to deal with a justice system that doesn’t work.

“The perception out there is that there are zero consequences for illegal or bad behavior. They know if they get caught, they’ll be out sooner than it takes the officer to write their police report,” Montoya stated. “Rather than the politicians becoming numb to it, I think they’re in denial. They are flat out in denial that it’s occurring. It’s not secret we have an open-air drug market.”

Under Proposition 47 itself, drug possession is a misdemeanor, though not drug trafficking, so police still arrest those they find selling drugs on the streets. But according to Montoya, when it comes time to prosecute these offenders, the prosecutor does not do so because he considers the traffickers to be victims of society’s ‘failures.’

“The ones selling these drugs are feeding the demons of these addicts. They are literally responsible for people dying on our streets. We lost more people to fentanyl overdoses last year than we did to COVID,” Montoya told Fox News in a phone interview Tuesday. “He’s not prosecuting people. We’re seeing the same people again and again and again. It’s taking recidivism to a whole new level. He likes to tout that there’s almost zero recidivism when he releases people from the jails.”

Montoya explains that officers file cases with the prosecutor’s office where criminals are videotaped with guns committing crimes, but Boudin won’t prosecute them unless they present DNA evidence.

What is prosecutor Chesa Boudin’s progressive vision?

Boudin argues that incarcerating criminals does not help them rehabilitate. Hence, his focus is not to send them to prison but rather to relocate them, treat their mental health to ‘keep families together.’ This way, it ‘reduces dependency on incarceration.’

“But it’s also angered the ruling class, it’s also angered the billionaire class,” Boudin said. “And that’s why in San Francisco they organized not one, but two separate recall campaigns to try to get me kicked out of office before I’m even halfway through with my term.”

Boudin promised during his campaign that he would decriminalize certain ‘quality of life’ crimes such as urinating on the street.

“We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes. Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted,” Boudin said.

Boudin’s parents were members of the terrorist group Weather Underground. When they were incarcerated for murder, he was raised by the leaders of the terrorist group.

San Francisco particularly has been singled out in several reports for becoming a city of homeless people who urinate, defecate, and take drugs on the streets, partly because of the policies of these city officials.

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