A Democrat in the California State Assembly introduced a bill that, under the guise of “hate speech,” seeks to kick out police officers who have spoken out against same-sex marriage or abortion.

The bill is known as the California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform Act (CLEAR Act). It aims to combat “the infiltration of extremists in our law enforcement agencies” and would mandate a background check for all officers who have “exchanged racist and homophobic messages,” The Federalist reported.

“Background checks” could include checking old tweets or posts on social media, which has become an executioner of the cancel culture these days.

In the bill, it is considered hate speech to be “advocating or supporting the denial of constitutional rights of, the genocide of, or violence towards, any group of persons based upon race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.”

The problem lies, and this is a common occurrence in Democrat legislation, in that the definition of “hate speech” or “hate groups” usually refers to expressions of traditional values. The goal is ultimately to persecute and discriminate against all who disagree with LGBT ideology.

A socialist society enacts laws to repress the people and not for their good

Viewed from the standpoint of the qualifications to serve in the police force, whether a person is for or against gay marriage or abortion are unrelated to the person’s physical and mental fitness for a police officer’s role.

In other words, Democrats continue to enact laws that only seek to crack down on people who hold traditional values but do nothing to improve society or make it easier for people to do their jobs.

Pacific Justice Institute attorney Matthew McReynolds said this broad and deliberately arbitrary definition could give way to Christians and conservatives being classified as “hateful” based on their beliefs.

“Under the guise of addressing police gangs, the bill at the same time launches an inexplicable, unwarranted, and unprecedented attack on peaceable, conscientious officers who happen to hold conservative political and religious views,” Reynolds wrote.

“Indeed, this is one of the most undisguised and appalling attempts we have ever seen, in more than 20 years of monitoring such legislation, on the freedom of association and freedom to choose minority viewpoint,” Reynolds added.

In 2019, the California Assembly passed a bill to force religious institutions to affirm homosexuality and transgenderism publicly.

Although it is currently a bill with a hearing scheduled for April 6 to be taken up by the Senate, California has a Democratic majority. It would not be unusual for this to become law.

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