Officials in Los Angeles announced on Thursday, Dec. 2, that 14 arrests in connection with recent “mass looting” events in the city were caught but released quickly due to zero-bail policies.

As Breitbart reported, “All of the suspects taken into custody are out of custody,” Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said, noting that one of the suspects is a juvenile. The suspects were released either due to their age, posting bail, or zero bail policies.

“We are concerned,” the police chief admitted. “You can be arrested for crimes such as burglary—a serious felony, a person coming into your home or business … and that’s a zero bail.

Last year, California implemented a statewide policy of no bail for misdemeanors and low-level felonies to help reduce the jail population during the pandemic’s peak.

The policy was supposed to end late last year, but the LA County Superior Court system has maintained it in place.

Mayor Eric Garcetti insisted, “There are people who need to be behind bars.”

In recent weeks, major looting has occurred in Los Angeles and San Francisco. It has subsequently spread to the Bay Area suburbs, Los Angeles’ chic stores, and other cities, including Chicago.

Moore added that the 11 raids cost at least $40,000 in property damage, and the impact on a community increasingly fearful of violent raids “cannot be overstated.”

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