Pro-life groups made public their outrage after it came to light that the University of California repeatedly requests “internal genitalia and kidneys” from aborted babies for alleged scientific study purposes.

Pro-life advocates contacted the University of California Board of Trustees this week to pressure them to stop the abhorrent practices of removing genitalia and other organs from aborted babies at the hospital run by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). The pro-life group’s petition was recorded in a video on YouTube.

Kristin Turner, executive director of Pro-Life San Francisco, read with disgust an email her group obtained through an open records request to the university. 

The message was sent by a university request clerk who wrote in claiming “internal genitalia and kidneys” of aborted babies. The message ends by wishing her employer a “Happy Thanksgiving!” which inflames Turner’s outrage.

“I don’t believe I need to explain why ripping apart the body of a child that has been killed and proceeding to wish the people involved in doing so a happy holiday with their families is a form of cruelty beyond what words can express,” Turner told the board in a video posted online by Pro-Life San Francisco.

The association complained about this unethical situation to the University often. However, Turner expressed her frustration, as the complaints are always ignored by its authorities.

In early June 2021, Pro-Life San Francisco received documents from UCSF, requested under the California Public Records Act, confirming the aborted fetal tissue research projects conducted within the university.

Pro-Life San Francisco’s investigations into the aberrant events at UCSF began in July 2019 after considering postings of multiple medical journal articles confirming that UCSF researchers used remains of healthy human fetuses at up to 24 weeks gestation. The human parts were supplied by the Women’s Options Center, the publicly funded late-term abortion facility at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital that operates under the UCSF administration.

At that time, Pro-Life San Francisco filed a public records request with UCSF for information about the university’s abortion training program. 

After the request was acknowledged on July 17, 2019, the university ignored it until the summer of 2020, after Pro-Life San Francisco hired an attorney and put legal pressure on the institution.

After that, UCSF released some limited documents, which were sufficient to reveal the horrors of these projects. However, pro-Life San Francisco continues to await all documents requested under Public Records Act 020-107.

Live-Action reviewed the documents and found that 42 of the 43 procurement records provided to the pro-life organization listed “genitalia and/or gonads” of aborted babies.

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