On Thursday, Dec. 23, the former governor of California offered 25 houses to homeless veterans in West Los Angeles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger collaborated with Village for Vets, Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough, and American Veterans Volunteers (AMVETS) to build the tiny homes.

According to AMVETS member Rob Reynolds, the homes include electricity, heating, and air conditioning.

Village for Vets’ tweet on Thursday, Dec. 23, said that Schwarzenegger’s $250,000 donation would allow it “to purchase and build the remaining 25 shelters” in the Los Angeles VA Care Treatment Rehabilitation Services (CTRS) location.

“It was fantastic to spend some time with our heroes and welcome them into their new homes.” the former governor wrote in a tweet on Thursday, Dec. 23.

The former bodybuilder and actor born in Austria claimed that his gesture of kindness was what Christmas is all about.

“I’ve made and have this great success because of America,” said Schwarzenegger. “If it isn’t bodybuilding, if it isn’t business, if it isn’t show business, movies, and politics—whatever I tackled I achieved because of America, so to me, it’s always great to give something back.”

“It’s been a lifesaver for me,” said veteran Bruce Henry Cooper, who lives in one of the tiny homes. He added that the former governor “has not forgotten … anybody.”

Veteran Ferris Keams spent months living in a tent outside. Schwarzenegger’s new tiny home will be a lifesaver for him.

“No squirrels and no rats,” he stated, as the New York Post reported. “It’s home.”

According to Fox News, Village for Vets is a non-profit that helps homeless and at-risk veterans with food and shelter.

As the non-profit’s website reported, the small shelters “provide an elevated standard of living from tent encampments while veterans are on their journey to find permanent housing and stability.”

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