“Finding Courage” documents the story of a brave California family, originally from and still firmly connected to China, who believe in the spiritual practice of Falun Dafa. In defiance of an official Communist Party ban on the practice, two sisters were arrested for holding up a ‘Falun Dafa is Good’ banner at a 2001 Tiananmen Square gathering in Beijing, China.

While Yifei and Kefei Wang were detained by police separately, only Yifei, the older sister and main character, managed to escape custody. The younger sister Kefei was first severely tortured while in custody and then killed on Dec. 20, 2001.


Meanwhile, sometime later, their brother Leo was also arrested for his role in the printing and distribution of Falun Dafa flyers in an effort to help the Chinese people learn the truth about this slow and gentle ancient self cultivation practice. For his peaceful efforts of civil disobedience, he was ruthlessly persecuted while strapped to an evil chair of torture in an effort to force him to officially renounce his spiritual beliefs during his imprisonment. Thirteen years later he escaped and was eventually reunited with his family in California.

This 18-year tragic drama was recently featured on Fox News. For more information about this click here.

Today the family continues to wait to recover sister Kefei’s body and put her to rest. During the film, relatives remaining in China discovered proof that her body was still in a morgue and actually videotaped a Chinese labor camp official offering them a bribe to just go away and forget about the whole thing.

The film exposes the struggles of a family split between China and America, and the risks they take as they try to expose what really happens in China’s justice system and labor camps to people who want nothing more than to express their spiritual beliefs.

“Finding Courage” is the latest production from Swoop Films, whose previous films include the award-winning “Hard to Believe,” about the harvesting of organs from living prisoners of conscience in China.

“Finding Courage” is in English with subtitles and runs approximately 85 minutes and is currently seeking distribution channels.