A grandmother from Long Island, New York, is being praised for putting up a video trap and assisting in the capture of a suspected fraudster.

Jean Ebbert, 73, told NBC New York on Saturday that she received an unusual phone call this week from a man claiming to be her grandson who was in jail for DUI and needed $8,000.

Despite her family’s concerns, Jean was sure that she didn’t have a grandson with a license and that the phone call was a ruse, reports Fox News.

“My son was like ‘hang up ma’ and I’m thinking you’re 40 years old I’m 73 and you’re telling me to hang up?” Jean said. “And I didn’t hang up. I usually hang up.”

Over the phone, Jean spoke backward and forward for about three hours with a man claiming to be her grandson’s lawyer and invited him to her house to collect the bail money. She persuaded the man to come to the house and retrieve the money, but she told the cops to be ready. When he arrived, Jean handed the man an empty envelope full of paper towels before officials rushed at him, as seen on her Ring doorbell camera.

Joshua Estrella Gomez, 28, of Mineola, New York, was arrested and charged with attempted third-degree grand theft.

“Speak to your families. Speak to your neighbors. Visit those that are vulnerable. Let them know, don’t listen to these scams, these individuals sit at home and have nothing else to do but think of a way to take advantage of our elderly.” Commissioner of Nassau County Police Patrick Ryder issued a warning.

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