In a day of panic in North Portland, a group of terrorists from the leftist group Black Lives Matter (BLM) took to the streets on May 6, threatening and assaulting motorists with weapons of war. The events were recorded in videos where the violence with which the criminals acted can be observed.

According to The Gateway Pundit portal, Black Lives Matter Militants took to the streets of North Portland on Thursday, marching for Patrick Kimmons, who was shot by police in 2018 after a gang shooting in the streets late at night.

During the events, protesters marched through the streets of Portland, along with a couple of vehicles leading the caravan. At one point, several participants pulled out AR-15s, AK-47s, handguns, and at least one shotgun and Keltec Sub 2000, which were used to intimidate motorists driving through the area.

One of the protesters recorded the incidents, who later uploaded the footage to YouTube under the user name “PDXNinja.” In these shocking images, multiple violent terrorists can be seen surrounding the vehicles, shouting obscenities and threats at the drivers while pointing dangerous weapons at them.

In the videos, it can be seen how the violent group forces the drivers to stop their vehicles. A minivan that tried to escape the assault was forced to stop when the terrorists shot at its tires, which can be seen blown out. They then smashed its rear window and at least one rearview mirror as far as can be seen in the footage.

In another video, it is shown how they try to stop a man who was passing by with his truck; when he got out of it, he was attacked, and in self-defense, he seemed to pull out a gun which provoked the anger of the demonstrators who pushed him brutally to the ground and held him, and in what seemed a crazy scene, appeared to call for the police to have him arrested. 

You can hear all kinds of shouts, loaded weapons, gunshots, broken glass, and other alarming noises in the recordings. Finally, the person recording the events turns the camera to show his face and the weapon he is carrying while giving an irrational and violence-laden speech.

Despite the Mad Max situation experienced on Thursday afternoon, there is no type of police presence visible. This suggests that the leftist gangs do have the upper hand on the streets of Portland.

The Portland police force, far from monitoring the development of the protest or even showing up at the scene after the alarm was sounded for violent situations, issued a statement in which it sides with the terrorists whom it refers to as “pedestrians” who were “run over” by vehicles:

”…As officers arrived they did not find any pedestrians who claimed to have been struck. The large group had moved away, still walking in nearby streets, some openly carrying firearms. Officers remained in the area searching for anyone who may have been injured and to collect evidence and information.”

One wonders how these criminals can act with such impunity in broad daylight. Still, of course, they have the support of very powerful sectors, from the hegemonic media that omit their acts of violence to leftist Democrat politicians that promote their struggle.

Such is the case of former first lady Michelle Obama, who during Friday’s broadcast of “CBS This Morning” openly justified BLM’s protests by saying that people are coming out to demonstrate “because it’s necessary,” Breitbart reported.

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