Billionaire Bill Gates on the weekend praised the Chinese Communist party (CCP) for its response to the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic, saying that criticism of how its communist regime covered up the virus is a “distraction.”

In an interview on Sunday, April 26, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria asked if the CCP should be held in someway responsible for the charge that it covered up the CCP Virus outbreak and essentially deceived the rest of the world. Gates downplayed that claim, saying it does not affect the way the United States is handling the pandemic today.

“I don’t think that’s a timely thing because it doesn’t affect how we act today,” Gates said.

“China did a lot of things right at the beginning. Like any country where a virus first shows up, they can look back and see where they missed some things,” the co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft said.

“Some countries did respond very quickly and get their testing in place and they avoided the incredible economic pain, and it’s sad that even the U.S., that you would have expected to do this well, did it particularly poorly,” he continued.

But the billionaire said, “It’s not time to talk about that, this is the time to take the great science we have, the fact that we’re in this together, fix testing, treatments, and get that vaccine, and minimize the trillions of dollars and many things that you can’t even dimensionalize in economic terms that are awful, about the situation that we’re in.”

“That’s a distraction,” Gates said about criticisms of the CCP. “I think there’s a lot of incorrect and unfair things said, but it’s not even time for that discussion.”

This is not the first time the left-wing billionaire praised Beijing for its handling of the CCP Virus pandemic. Early this month, Gates also hailed the communist regime after it lifted the lockdown and proclaimed victory over the virus.

The billionaire’s praise came when Americans’ negative views of China continue to grow amid an unprecedented pandemic.

According to a new Pew Research Center survey released on April 21, roughly two-thirds of Americans in March said they have an unfavorable view of China, the most negative rating for the country since 2005, and up nearly 20 percentage points since the start of the Trump administration. Only about a quarter in the U.S. report a favorable attitude.

U.S. views of China increasingly negative amid coronavirus outbreak. (Pew)

Since the onset of the CCP Virus outbreak, the CCP has several times claimed that the virus came from the United States Army, intentionally lied about how bad the outbreak was, and tried to cover up information regarding the threat of the virus.

detailed timeline of China’s response to the outbreak shows that the CCP gagged the spread of information about the virus for weeks after it had first been noticed in Wuhan.

Some U.S. officials, including the White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, believed that the CCP purposefully held back data of its virus patients because the country wanted to find a vaccine before other countries so it can sell it to the world.

Studies have reportedly shown that if the CCP had taken action earlier, the outbreak could have been reduced by 95% and could have been regionally contained.

The head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention last week admitted to state media that the government “knew there must be human-to-human transmission” of the CCP Virus, though the center said on Jan. 15, “The risk of sustained human-to-human transmission is low.”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ariz.) said on Sunday that he believes the Chinese regime knew that the virus was going to devastate its economy, but it still allowed international flights to continue out of China during the outbreak because it did not want the rest of the world, in particular the United States, to pass it by while it suffered severe economic damage.

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