Recently revealed photos show that former President Bill Clinton hosted as honored guests the well-known pedophiles Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the White House in 1993, the year of the beginning of his two consecutive terms in office.

It seems that the reason for the invitation was an alleged donation of money made by the multimillionaire Epstein to pay for renovations to the Oval Office, according to the New York Post of April 25. 

The photos discovered by The Sun extend by at least nine years the time of Clinton’s relationship with the pedophiles since the first photos linked them from 2002,  in which the latter appears in Epstein’s private plane.

Left: Former President Bill Clinton. Center: Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Right: Pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell at the White House in September 1993. (Credit: William J. Clinton Presidential Library).


Epstein owned the plane known as the ‘Lolita Express,’ in which they used to travel to their private island located in the Caribbean Sea with prestigious personalities from all over the world, apparently to commit all kinds of sexual abuses with underage girls.

Although Clinton denied having traveled to Epstein’s island, the flight log records that he was a passenger on the ‘lolita express’ at least 27 times. 

Additionally, Epstein’s abuse and rape accuser, Virginia Giuffre, when she was a minor, recounted being on the island simultaneously as the former president.

Giuffre also accused her abusers of forcing her to have sex with Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family. Billionaire Bill Gates himself reportedly visited the island many times. 

On the other hand, Clinton would have visited Epstein in some of his mansions located in Florida and New York. Even in one of them, he appears in a painting wearing a compromising woman’s dress. 

Enlargement of former President Bill Clinton’s picture, taken from @j_arthur_bloom’s tweet.

The scandalous abuses of the Epstein-Maxwell couple were already known in the early 2000s, when Epstein was tried for those crimes, in a controversial process that apparently was lax and not adjusted to the law in some aspects. 

He avoided a possible life sentence and was instead sentenced to 13 months in prison. The agreement also required him to enter into financial pacts with dozens of his teenage victims and register as a sex offender.

After being re-arrested in July 2019, he turned up dead in his cell while awaiting trial, apparently a victim of suicide, a version that was counter-overturned by some specialists in the field.

The following year Maxwell was arrested. She not only managed Epstein’s finances and administered his properties; she even drove his helicopter. 

According to the Daily Mail, the financier’s lover, accused of recruiting underage girls who became his sexual victims, also instructed them in ways to please him, even being involved in the abuse herself.   

Maxwell, 59, has been held in a Brooklyn jail since her arrest last July and, in recent weeks, was in the news again after trying new legal strategies to bail herself out of jail.

Ghislaine Maxwell made her third attempt to be released. According to a court filing made at the end of February, she would have to renounce her British and French citizenship to do so.

A federal judge has previously rejected two bail attempts filed by Maxwell’s lawyers, including a proposed $28.5 million bail release filed in December 2020, AP News reported.

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