Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said on Friday, Feb. 26, during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that Big Tech is aiding and abetting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to push for global dominance, according to Breitbart News.

“China and Big Tech, they have a cozy relationship,” Blackburn noted. “And they have been allowing the Chinese Communist Party to spew all of their information. I can’t find anywhere they’ve been censored or blocked or banned,” she added.

“Big Tech is aiding and abetting the Chinese Communist Party in their push for global dominance, and we are going to have to stand against it,” added Blackburn. If the ‘virtual you’ agenda were put into practice, Americans could fight back against the censorship practices and the monopoly of major tech companies.

“This is what we will tell to Big Tech, ‘You can’t track, follow, listen in, data mine, or share your information, your information with a third party without getting your explicit consent,'” she said. “It’s your privacy.”

According to Blackburn, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted a while back that Facebook acts more “like a government than a company.”

According to a recent publication by the British magazine Press Gazette, Facebook reportedly allowed CCP state media such as China Daily and CGTN to pay for ads on Facebook to downplay the validity of the Uighur issue inside the country.

“In one case, by paying Facebook less than $400, China Daily was able to target more than one million users with a video that rubbishes [trashes] independent press reports from Xinjiang,” the report said.

According to an investigation conducted by The Associated Press, in collaboration with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Research Lab, there is a powerful network of allied figures and media in the United States, China, Russia, and Iran that helped spread CCP-backed disinformation about the virus.

Social network analysis solutions company Graphika, meanwhile, exposed in a report that over the course of the past two years, an anonymous Chinese network called Spamouflage was gaining influence and reach within social networks such as Facebook Twitter, and YouTube in an effort to defame the United States.

While Graphika investigators noted that the social networks that helped spread the disinformation managed to eliminate swaths of Spamouflage assets, the network still continued to evolve to reach high-level influencers in Latin America, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, according to Fox News Business.

Regarding the reach of Big Tech and its monopoly, Blackburn hopes to work to eliminate Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 to prevent deliberate censorship and ensure protections for smaller competitors, thus allowing for an arena where tech giants and startups can engage in fair competition.

Blackburn emphasized that conservatives must tell “Big Tech and Big Media” that “enough is enough.”

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