Joe Biden took a break from Russia-Ukraine tensions at the weekend.

The president and first lady left the White House for their home state of Delaware on Feb. 25.

The couple was photographed departing from Washington on the Marine One helicopter despite Russian nuclear forces raising their alert status for a “special regime of combat duty.”

The image shows Joe and Jill Biden wearing face masks, even though they have already been fully vaccinated. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended removing almost all pandemic-related mandates.

The president can technically perform Oval Office duties from Rehoboth Beach. However, his timing drew outcry as Europe potentially faced one of its most significant conflicts since World War II.

“Critics will likely ask whether Biden should remain at the White House to help project the power and authority that comes with his office during a time that has left many across the United States, and wider world, fearful for their safety,” Daily Mail assistant U.S. news editor Jimmy Mccloskey and senior U.S. political journalist Emily Goodin reported.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently ordered his defense minister and military chief of general staff to activate nuclear deterrent forces. It has fueled media speculation about a possible nuclear conflict between the world’s largest country and Ukraine.

“The move signals tensions could boil over into a nuclear war,” Fox News journalist Timothy Nerozzi reported.

“At the same time, Biden remains at his private residence in Delaware and media communications with the commander-in-chief have slowed to a crawl,” he added.

Biden recently authorized a White House memorandum that provides “immediate military assistance” to Ukraine.

The package potentially includes up to $250 million in financial assistance and $350 million in Department of Defense articles and services, military education, and training.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky previously refused a U.S. offer for his evacuation from the capital of Kyiv.

“The fight is here, I need ammunition not a ride,” he said, according to the broadcaster.

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