President Joe Biden delivered a few off-topic phrases to change the tone of his speech at the Virginia military base, but not everyone was pleased.

President Biden and the first lady appeared at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton on Friday, May 28 for a speech ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, thanking the members of the military service for their devotion to the U.S. sovereignty.

“Each year Memorial Day offers us a chance to reflect on the enormous sacrifices that generation after generation of Americans have made and the responsibilities we bear, the citizens bear, in return,” Biden kicked off this thanking speech.

The president expressed his gratitude in a thorough and deliberate manner. His speech’s topic was indisputably motivating.

“You are, simply stated, you are the backbone of the country,” Biden said. “You’re the backbone of the country.”

Biden proceeded on with an episode of his late son Beau Biden, who when he was still alive, was unconcerned about holding a prominent government post and instead desired to contribute to the military. As a proud father, Biden said Beau’s undemanding spirit when he joined the army reminded him of the venerable will of those who wish to fight for the U.S.

“But I’m telling you that is, like a lot of you, you do your duty you don’t expect anything for it, except you will have general respect. You deserve so much more, you deserve so much more.”

The president’s words were fine and respectable, but then as he ventured to mention the stage presenter Brittany and Jared and Nathan and Margaret Catherine, his subsequent words sparked controversy.

“I’m especially honored to share the stage with Brittany and Jared and Nathan and Margaret Catherine,” he said, then he turned to compliment the veteran’s children.

“I love those barrettes in your hair, man. I tell you what, look at her. She looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed. Brittany, you’re doing triple duty as a veteran a military spouse and a teacher. And kids, thank you for being there for your mom.”

It is not unusual for a person to strive too hard and tremble with a few additional but unimportant remarks during his public address and when the thought of some unplanned words kicked in, most would just end up being irrelevant and excessive sentences.

In this case with Biden, aside from critics that his comments on the teenage girl were perceived as unwarranted, the debate also hints at a different scenario if the former President Donald Trump stumbled similar attempts.

“This would be front page news on the NYT and the lead story on CNN for two weeks if Trump did this. And no, this isn’t whataboutism,” tweeted Tony Mazur.

“Imagine Trump saying the exact same thing. It would have been a worldwide news,” said Twitter user BitBull.

There also were voices who saw the remarks were normal and remotely scenting of a “creepy” comment.

“Lol I said the same about my daughter when she was like 4-5yo. She would sit at her little table with her legs crossed when no one (i know of) taught her to sit that way. I thought it was so ladylike. I thought he commented on her body the way ppl are making a big deal about it,” Twitter user Bay Boy said.

But to some others, such compliments to a teenage female from a 78-year-old elderly is certainly inappropriate.

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