Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) was elected by President Trump to lead legal efforts against election fraud in Georgia after Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger agreed to a recount. 

However, the recount procedure raised red flags for Collins, who sent a letter questioning the lack of transparency and credibility of ballots’ hand recounting. The president of Georgia’s Republican Party also signed the letter, Breitbart reported.

Collins found the recount procedure lacks the necessary components to exclude illegal votes.

Trump’s legal team filed litigation in several states over the election results because of the enormous amount of evidence of fraud and manipulation in favor of the Democratic candidate.

In the state of Georgia, when Trump was leading the election on Nov. 3, the count was stopped, allegedly because of a pipe explosion. Republican poll watchers were sent home, but the next day, many votes for Biden “showed up.” Later reports verified that no such explosion ever occurred.

As a result, Congressman Collins asked Raffensperger for a total recount of the votes, which was finally announced Wednesday to dispel doubts about the election process’s fairness.

The manual recount aims to eliminate illegal votes, mainly those sent by mail, which require verification of the signature between the one on the rolls versus the one on the envelope and another on the ballot. This step was omitted.

Georgia Republican Party President David Shafer questioned the absence of this crucial component of the recount to make the process genuinely transparent and credible.

Only one Republican poll watcher or observer is allowed for 10 counting tables, making observing possible irregularities in the procedure practically impossible.

In their letter, the Republicans doubt that conducting the procedure in this way will have any effect: “This raises serious concerns as to whether the counties properly conducted signature verification or additional scrutiny of absentee ballots. It presents the issue of whether some counties conducted any scrutiny at all,” the letter continued, categorizing a signature review as “fundamental to this procedure.”

They added, “We do not believe it is possible to certify the results of the 2020 General Election without conducting this investigation and analysis.”

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