Prominent attorney Lin Wood has refused to undergo a mental health evaluation ordered by the State Bar of Georgia. 

Wood, who filed a number of lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results and accused officials including U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts and former Vice President Mike Pence of committing treason, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the state bar’s order would, if followed, “violate [his] First Amendment right to free speech.”

“And if they do that and this harms me, then I will strongly consider suing them, and it will be a significant lawsuit,” he added.

The State Bar of Georgia said on Friday, Jan. 29, it is investigating two complaints against Wood and has ordered him to submit an evaluation to keep his license to practice law.

The Georgia Bar’s handbook stipulates that lawyers under its jurisdiction, “want of a sound mind, senility, habitual intoxication or drug addiction, to the extent of impairing competency as an attorney … shall constitute grounds for removing the attorney from the practice of law.”

The longtime defamation lawyer said on Friday on social media that he has not “violated any rule of professional conduct,” adding, “I have always tried my imperfect best to use my license to practice law to do good for others—to pursue truth to achieve justice.”

Wood told the Atlanta he has not drunk alcohol in eight years and his own doctor has determined he is of sound mind.

“I’ve been around Atlanta for a long time. I’ve seen conduct by lawyers that does break the law in terms of drunkenness, other things that are going on. Is the State Bar going to regulate that conduct?” he said. 

Wood said the move by the Georgia State Bar is politically motivated. “So the State Bar can do what it wants to do for political purposes or to further its agenda. I will litigate the issue if necessary for 16 years as I did for Richard [Jewell] whether I win it lose. I will not be intimidated by the State Bar’s tactics. I will not allow a state organization to control my free speech outside the courtroom,” he wrote on Telegram.

Earlier in January, Wood was banned by Twitter amid the social media platform’s purge of conservatives’ accounts including that of former President Donald Trump.  

Separately, Kentucky teenager Nick Sandmann, who is pursuing multiple lawsuits against media outlets and was defended by Wood, fired him over his comments about Pence. 

“No client had abandoned me but I expect Nicholas Sandmann may do so,” Wood wrote in a post and said Sandmann had worked on U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign and could “be feeling the pressure from members of” the campaign.

In an email, Wood told The Cincinnati Enquirer, “I love Nicholas Sandmann, and I wish him the very best going forward.”


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